Inscape Expands Linear TV 'Commercial Feed' To Include Streaming

Smart TV data company Inscape is launching an “enhanced and expanded” advertising-measurement service -- now called Commercial Feed+ -- that places an emphasis on streaming.

The Vizio Holding-owned company says it will allow marketers and other business partners to access linear and streaming TV data from a single source.

The company’s existing "Commercial Feed" product identifies specific details with regard to linear TV commercial airings, which the company says are validated across third-party sources.

Inscape uses smart TV/ACR technology (Automatic Content Recognition) to glean that data.

The new Commercial Feed+ layers in other sources of commercial advertising detection beyond ACR, such as linear TV “logs” and streaming ad-server logs.



Key for many marketers is that the new service deduplicates commercial exposures across linear and streaming.

Inscape says Commercial Feed+ will result in better accuracy and transparency.

For example, in a recent test, analysis of a broad overview of data over several months found that Commercial Feed+ revealed 34% more ad impressions, a  32% increase in ad hours, and 23% more unique commercial exposures.

Inscape captures second-by-second TV viewing data from over 22 million opted-in devices.

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