Pinterest Reports Positivity As Key Driver In Consumer Action

New research from social platform Pinterest and tech company Morning Consult shows that positivity is a key driver for consumer action. Creating more positive environments in brand messaging, the study shows, leads to new opportunities for marketing and promotion efforts.

“The research shows that positive environments drive impact for brands at every stage of the purchase funnel,” says Pinterest.

According to results from the December 2022 survey, six in ten American adults agreed that they were more likely to remember brands they encountered online (56%), feel positive about brands they encountered online (59%), trust brands they saw in a positive space (56%) and ultimately make a purchase from a brand (54%) when they found themselves in a positive online environment.

By claiming that two out of three of its users reported feeling “positive” after interacting with its platform, Pinterest is likely attempting to set itself apart from other major social platforms that have been marred by disinformation, hate-speech and over-politicization.

As Twitter continues to place content-moderation responsibilities in the hands of its users while encouraging “free speech” from white nationalists and far-right extremists, Pinterest calls itself “an oasis” and says that just ten minutes a day on its app can buffer against burnout, stress and social disconnection among younger users, according to research done in partnership with UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center.

“Consciously creating a positive online environment benefits Pinners, creators, brands and advertisers alike,” the image-sharing platform wrote, adding that two thirds of US adults believe brands are responsible for advertising in positive spaces and should be held accountable for where they advertise.

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