Deloitte Digital And Salesforce Team Up On AI For CRM

Deloitte Digital and Salesforce are collaborating to help companies deploy trusted AI for CRM. 

The firms will offer clients a set of tools to implement AI for CRM and deliver tailored customer experiences in a trustworthy way, while safeguarding their data. 

The goal is to help brands “design, develop and deploy AI solutions that optimize CRM processes, enable personalized customer interactions, and generate actionable insights for strategic decision-making," says Jim Rowan, principal and U.S. leader for Deloitte Consulting's Strategy & Analytics business.

Deloitte Digital will extend the Salesforce experience to companies in over 40 countries. It will assist organizations in implementing and scaling Salesforce AI Cloud, Salesforce's suite of trusted, open and business-ready generative AI-powered applications.

The new arrangement will “help ensure organizations have the strategies and technologies they need to confidently adopt and deploy AI for CRM, driving personalized customer experiences and immediate business outcomes,” says Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce AI.

Shih also comments: "Today every organization must become an AI-first company to compete, and that can only be done by adopting technologies rooted in trust and transparency.”

According to Deloitte Digital, the features include:

  • Strategies to deploy AI for CRM
  • Industry-specific AI use cases
  • Upskilling and training in AI

In April, Deloitte announced a generative AI practice and a Trustworthy AI framework. These guidelines are intended to ensure fairness and impartiality; transparency and explainability; responsibility and accountability; robustness and reliability; privacy preservation; and safety. 

Salesforce recently released research showing that 73% of employees perceive generative AI as introducing new security risks. Almost 60% of those intending to use the technology lack knowledge regarding data security measures. 


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