LinkedIn's New 'Brand Partnership' Tags Aim To Boost In-App Creator Presence

LinkedIn is rolling out brand partnership labels on in-app posts, according to screenshots captured by social media expert Matt Navarra. The new feature appears to allow users to show their audience when their posts are sponsored by a brand.

“You can now publicly label your post as a brand partnership to increase transparency with your audience,” wrote Navarra in an X post. “You should use this label if you’ve been compensated by a third-party in any way for the post you’re creating.

When LinkedIn users toggle on the feature in their post creation settings, their followers will see a “Brand Partnership” tag at the top of their post and below their username alongside their biographical descriptors, such as “Social Media Consultant + Industry Analyst” in the case of Navarra.



The placement may be confusing for followers as it appears to be an added job title in the user's profile and not the sole post the user is being compensated for.

“Why LinkedIn hasn't given it its own separate line seems strange, and potentially an oversight that will be corrected,” notes journalist Andrew Hutchinson of SocialMediaToday.

Regardless, brand partnership tags are a new way for LinkedIn to promote creator culture on their business and employment-focused social media network.

The company has been adding more elements to its Creator Mode, inviting creators to make use of newsletters, live broadcasts, audio events, on–profile URL link display and more.

LinkedIn has also been testing a feature that would share analytics for posts with businesses during collaborative campaigns.

By increasing transparency around paid partnerships in a way that resembles other leading social media apps, LinkedIn creators have a new opportunity to enhance their presence on the platform and grow their following while making it easier for brands to find relevant creators.

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