Threads Tests Keyword Search

Meta's Threads has officially begun testing keyword search on the app with users in Australia and New Zealand, providing a waning user base with a feature that has proven central to every other leading social app.

All Threads users in Australia and Zealand will soon be able to search a term in the app and see the posts that mention their chosen term, moving beyond the app's current search results which just show relevant usernames.

User functionality on Threads is slowly rolling out as a result of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg's decision to prematurely launch the app, eager to attract an audience demanding an alternative to Elon Musk's rebranded Twitter.

Earlier this week, Meta released the Threads app on mobile and web, but it's still missing a search function (outside New Zealand and Australia) as well API accessibility, which would allow creators and brands to schedule posts. Furthermore, the app still is not available in the European Union due to regulatory scrutiny over data privacy collection.

Since its wildly popular launch, Threads' engagement has plunged.

Over the past two months, Threads usage is now only about 10 million daily active global users on Android devices, down from 50 million at its peak.



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