Yahoo's Cookieless ID Becomes Available Through Twilio

Yahoo Advertising’s cookieless ID recently became available through Twilio's customer data platform.

Connect ID, Yahoo's cookieless identity solution announced in 2020, relies on first-party data to help advertisers recognize and match users across the open web. It's built on top of Yahoo's proprietary ID Graph. 

Now more than 25,000 Twillo businesses have access to it. 

The partnership allows Twilio Segment users sync hashed, cookieless data with real-time customer profiles for improved ad reach, relevance and measurement across screens. The timeframe in which companies see success or failure varies.

Companies using Twilio Segment customer data platform (CDP) to manage their first-party data will now be able to match that data with Yahoo ConnectID within the Yahoo DSP. The result is increased reach (larger audience) and relevance for their ad campaigns.

Companies activating their data with Twilio Segment CDP will see the expanded reach within each campaign.



The advertising industry is undergoing a significant shift toward using first-party data and emphasizing data collaboration. This change is driven by the phasing out of third-party cookies and the increased importance of safeguarding user privacy.

“Our integration with Twilio Segment is a strategic response to this trend, as it allows advertisers to capitalize on first-party data to target audiences more effectively and responsibly,” a Yahoo spokesperson told Media Daily News.

When asked to cite the biggest challenge companies experience with the integration, the Yahoo spokesperson said “the primary challenge in the market isn't the integration itself, but rather the limited access many companies have to scalable first-party data.”

By partnering with Yahoo Advertising and integrating with Yahoo ConnectID, Twillio Segment users can sync hashed, cookieless data with their real-time customer profiles and drive greater reach and relevance for their campaigns. 

Yahoo Identity Solutions -- Yahoo ConnectID and Next-Gen Solutions -- account for both addressable and non-addressable inventory. Yahoo ConnectID for addressable, and Next-Gen Solutions is an AI-built privacy-based solution that leverages Yahoo ConnectID users as a panel audience for non-addressable.

With the integration, marketers can rely on one view of customer data to deliver on the promise of addressable advertising and ensure personalized consumer experiences, even as support for cookies and other traditional identity triggers fade.

As the landscape grows increasingly complex with many solutions and data challenges, Yahoo’s role, in part, has evolved into consultative.

“We don't just offer technology and data,” the spokesperson notes. “We act as stewards for brands and marketers, helping them navigate this complex terrain to make informed decisions that maximize ROI and effectiveness.”

Many companies have become “consultative.” This week Walmart introduced a retail media certification program that GroupM had run as a beta. The program, Walmart Retail Media Certification, officially launched on Monday. The courses are free.  





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