TikTok Announces Integration For Salesforce Marketing Cloud

To help advertisers transfer the leads generated by their marketing campaigns to Salesforce in real-time, TikTok has launched a new no-code integration for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

“TikTok's new integration for Salesforce Marketing Cloud is designed to be user-friendly and requires no coding skills,” the company wrote in a blog post. “Marketing teams will be able to set it up in a matter of minutes, allowing them to focus on what really matters - capturing, nurturing, and converting leads.”

Leads captured on TikTok will be synced to Salesforce Marketing Cloud in real-time, the company says, which will help eliminate the time and effort previously required by advertisers to manually download their leads.

The app also focuses on streamlining the process of managing and maximizing TikTok campaigns, as well as follow-ups and personal engagement with promising leads, enhancing the chances of converting leads into repeat customers.



Salesforce first invited its Commerce Cloud users to sell through TikTok in July 2022, when the cloud-based software company expanded its merchants' offerings with social-media channels, placing TikTok beside Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

The new integration is available on Salesforce’s enterprise cloud marketplace, AppExchange, for businesses using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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