Snap Increases Privacy Protection For Advertisers Via Snowflake Integration

Snap is making new efforts to help its ad partners deliver safe and relevant ads through a partnership and integration with data cloud provider Snowflake.

Snap says it will serve as a key mobile platform partner for Snowflake's Marketing Data Cloud, bringing advertisers encrypted, privacy-safe ad solutions and signal measurement.

According to the social-media company, implementing Snap's conversions API (CAPI) with Snowflake’s privacy-enhancing tech, like data clean rooms, will enable marketers to share sensitive data, like targeting and conversions, without demanding the building of bespoke back-end integration.

Investing in privacy-centric measurement solutions will help its ad partners mitigate future signal loss, the company added. While server-to-server integration is an effective way to measure performance signals, they are “highly complex to maintain” and require “significant back-end work to implement and optimize.

Snowflake says its clients will be able to streamline many of the technical processes involved in setting up Snap's CAPI and help marketers implement the API “in a matter of days, potentially even hours.”

For the rollout of its new Marketing Data Cloud, Snowflake is also partnering with companies like Braze, Hightouch, LiveRamp and GrowthLoop, to help with additional capabilities including AI and machine learning, privacy enhancement, analytics and enrichment modeling.

Per the announcement, Snapchat has also partnered with analytics company AppsFlyer, in order to help advertisers better understand mobile measurement performance. According to Snap's internal data, early tests have led to a 158% increase in iOS conversions and a 41% decrease in cost-per-app-install.

Snap's integration with Snowflake is still in its testing phase with unknown clients. There are plans for a rollout in the coming months.

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