The Neighborly Touch: Firms Form Integration To Help SMBs Engage Prospects

Two marketing tech platforms, CallRail and Intuit Mailchimp, have formed an integration that they say will help small businesses bridge the gap between channels.  

The goal is to ensure that SMBs are “able to convert as many leads as possible to valued customers,” says Marc Ginsberg, CEO at CallRail.

Users can leverage this arrangement to send automated personalized emails or texts to prospects after they engage with the brand, the firms contend.

This is by no means an easy task without the proper tools.  

"Small and medium-sized businesses are looking to deliver quality sales and services to their customers but are often hindered by complex lead cycles and manual processes," says Kenneth Chestnut, global head of ecosystem at Intuit Mailchimp.



According to the firms, SMBs can use this new capability to automate different messages based on:

  • Sentiment — Using AI, firms can segment customers based on their feelings about the encounter. Customers who show positive sentiment can receive a reminder to review on social media. Those with a negative sentiment can be sent a follow-up that will gauge how to improve satisfaction. 
  • Bespoke tags — Again,  AI can be utilized to create custom tags for keywords and phrases spoken during the conversation. If the customer mentions a product, marketers can automatically trigger a promotional email or one featuring deeper education.
  • Revenue/customer value — Brands can trigger unique follow-up emails based on customer needs and anticipated customer value. Case in point: callers who didn’t book and appointment and are valued at under $100 are put into one nurture sequence. Those valued at over $100 who also didn’t book receive a special offer.  

Ginsberg says the integration will “unleash the power of conversation data coupled with email segmentation and automation for SMBs.”

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