Google Faces $17B Lawsuit In UK

A UK court has ruled Google must face a lawsuit that could cost the company around $17 billion (£13.6). The suite alleges Google has too much power over the online advertising market.

The claim was brought by a group called Ad Tech Collective Action. It alleges Google has abused its dominant position in the digital advertising space and caused significant losses to UK online publishers.

The lawsuit seeks damages on behalf of publishers of websites and apps based in the United Kingdom. It is the latest case to focus on the search giant's business practices, according to Reuters.



The case centers on Google's advertising technology, the system that decides the advertisements people see and how much they cost.

The argument claims Google has abused its position in the market by promoting its own products and services over those of its rivals. It argues publishers have received less money from hosted ads and must pay higher fees to Google.

Google called the case “incoherent,” asking Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) to block the case, but CAT has ruled it can go to trial.

The company "strongly rejects the underlying allegations," its lawyers wrote in court documents. The CAT said in a written ruling that it would certify the case to proceed toward a trial, which is unlikely to take place before the end of 2025. No court date has been set for the trial. 

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