E*Billboards Launches $3 million Ad Campaign

  • by January 1, 2000
This month, E*billboardsSM by Next Generation Network, will launch a $3 million advertising campaign. The ads, which were created by March, Inc., emphasize the unique ability of E*billboards to deliver messages to consumers in the course of their busy, time-impoverished lives. The national print campaign will run through December in targeted business and advertising trade publications as well as major daily newspapers. The full-page creative can be viewed at the E*billboards website at www.ebillboards.com.

E*billboards feature Internet-based, full-motion, full-color displays, that deliver targeted news, information, sports and weather as well as community bulletins, entertainment and advertising. E*billboards by Next Generation Network currently reach over 200 million consumers a month in 6,000 locations such as coffee shops, hotel lobby shops, convenience stores, gas pumps, transit hubs and elevators in 18 major markets in the United States.

"Standing in line at a convenience store, the gas pump, the news stand, or at the train station creates a unique moment of down-time in our hectic daily lives," said Peter Engel, principal of March, Inc. "These are the moments when E*billboards have an impact, when consumers are less likely to tune out - these are the moments we capture in the ads."



Highlighting the context in which a potential advertisers’ message will be delivered to consumers and also Next Generation Network’s unique ability to cut through ad clutter, the ads should pique the interest of media planners and marketing strategists.

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