VeriSign To Participate In Cross Media Optimization Study

What percentage of an advertiser's media budget should be spent online? Asnwering that very question is what the IAB has been working on with its ongoing Cross Media Optimization Study (XMOS) and based on previously collected data that number ranges from 10-15%. That's for Business-to-Consumer marketers. What about Business-to-Business? The online world is about to find out.

Yesterday, the IAB announced that VeriSign will be the newest, and the first BtoB marketer to participate in the XMOS research. The XMOS methodology will be applied to VeriSign's first-ever integrated branding campaign which currently includes business and trade print and online advertising.

"VeriSign's target audiences range from small to large business decision makers as well as IT and network managers across multiple industries," said Melanie Branon, Director of Branding and Marketing Communications. "We're looking to the XMOS research to help us optimize our marketing and media mix to most effectively reach each of our target audiences-at the right time and in the right place."

IAB President and CEO Greg Stuart, said, "We're thrilled that VeriSign has agreed to come on as an XMOS marketer and we're excited to see results from a BtoB brand. Past XMOS marketers found they could increase brand or sales results from 7% up to 34% simply by optimizing their marketing mix. We're confident XMOS will offer VeriSign unique insights into their own marketing plan just as it has done for the other marketers in the study."

The XMOS study methodology, endorsed by the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) and nominated for Best International Research by ESOMAR, affords a marketer the ability to determine the optimal mix of interactive, TV, radio and print advertising drawn from real world, in-market results.

Completed XMOS research results are currently available for Unilever, McDonalds, Colgate-Palmolive and Kimberly-Clark. In addition to VeriSign, additional upcoming XMOS studies include ING, Universal Home Video and AstraZeneca.

Twenty-one online publishers and industry leading companies funded XMOS including: 24/7 Real Media, America Online, Ask Jeeves, Classified Ventures (, CNET Networks Inc., The Excite Network, Flipside Network,, iVillage Inc., Meredith Corp., MSN, New York Times Digital, RealNetworks, Terra Lycos, Unicast,,, Walt Disney Internet Group, The Wall Street Journal Online, The WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive, and Yahoo!

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