• Shining a Light on Bayer's Game-Changing VP
    Bayer's Denise Vitola was pressured to change her appearance early in her career - - straighten your hair, wear less makeup, not that jewelry. Initially she conformed until realizing it was "darkening" her light, "I realized like, wow, somebody's trying to blow out my candle. I can't let them do that. [That] was really where my star started to shine." And shine it does! In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Denise talks with Lisa about embracing individuality, why losing almost everything was a good thing, and their shared love for Tom Brady.
  • Passion: The Driving Force of Fair Harbor's Eco-Friendly Fashion Entrepreneur
    "When you can combine a passion with a frustration, that's really where the magic happens." For Caroline Danehy, that passion is the environment, the frustration is what plastics are doing to it and the magic? Fair Harbor, a clothing line of beachwear made by upcycled plastic bottles. The co-founder & chief creative officer launched the company with her brother Jake when she was still in high school, he in college, and it's been "a hell of a journey ever since." In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Caroline talks about pushing past all the naysayers, how youthful naivety can be …
  • Clorox's VP: Making Waves One Step at a Time
    "It continues to be the fuel for why I want to be out there." The fuel, that Vivian Chang, Clorox's VP of Growth, Clorox D2C, uses to not only create more opportunities for minority women, but to also ignite lasting change one small conversation at a time. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Vivian shares the surprising impact she, as a Chinese-American, felt by the recent rise in anti-Asian hate crimes. She also talks about finding her voice and why being the quietest person in the room can sometimes be a good thing.
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