• Pushing The Boundaries: MAC Cosmetics Strategy For Staying Ahead In An Unpredictable Digital World
    "You can't always have all your eggs in one basket." That proved to be a good rule of thumb for Sonia Anand, MAC Cosmetics' executive director and director of global innovation & omni channel experience. When first starting out, the marketing exec was on track for a career in finance until the recession imposed a change of plans. Undaunted, she set her sights on retail and never looked back. In this edition of Brand Insider: BTS, Sonia talks about her "plan B" pivot, the pride she feels working at a company that offers diverse make-up shades that match her skin …
  • Taking Risks: Adventures of an Entrepreneurial Spirit
    "Traveling a lot over the years has really helped shape my perspective." Visible Wireless' head of brand marketing, Pearl Servat, credits her experiences with different cultures and people for giving her the courage and resilience to adapt and set her own path. In this edition of Brand Insider: BTS, Pearl talks with Lisa about those extensive travels, her decision to leave a successful career in Hollywood and the genuine fear she felt when taking the biggest risk of her life!
  • Breaking the Mold: Jackson Hewitt's Newest Marketing VP
    "You know, you're never going to get a job." Jackson Hewitt's VP of Integrated Marketing & Creative, Suzanne Darmory, was told that right out of college by an art director, but instead of writing her off, he helped her. An act of kindness Suzanne continues to pay forward. Suzanne shares the incredible impact mentors have had on her career and her passion to do the same. She tells us why getting fired, not once but twice, was actually a good thing...
  • Be Bold, Relentless, Innovative & Authentic: Avocados From Mexico's Marketing VP's Recipe For Success
    "Why do you always have to change things?" Avocados From Mexico's VP of marketing & innovation, Ivonne Kinser, was asked that by a boss early on in her career. She later realized the answer was simple: she doesn't like the status quo. At least not when it doesn't have to be, and it's that attitude that has helped drive Ivonne's marketing success. In this edition of Brand Insider: BTS, Ivonne reveals how she also approaches many personal choices with that same boldness.
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