• Blazing Her Own Path: INFINITI Marketing Director's Road to Success
    "I really struggled to have this balance of trying to figure out work, like trying to be really good at work and trying to be a really good mother, and there were days where I didn't feel like I might have been good at either one of them." With all the challenges a woman executive might encounter working in the automotive industry, motherhood was Shelley Pratt's biggest. Now the director of marketing & media at INFINITI, Shelley found her balance when she realized she didn't need to be perfect. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Shelley talks with me …
  • Defying Expectations: Petco CMO Stands Out From The Pack
    "It was one of those early moments in my career where it just felt right, and I trusted my gut instinct, and I kind of had to swallow my pride." That instinct was to turn down a high paying job for an $8 an hour internship. But Katie Nauman has no regrets because the Petco CMO believes it's what ultimately set her marketing career in motion. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Katie talks about work-life balance, the duality of her career path and why not speaking up for oneself can be detrimental to all involved.
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