• Rising to the Challenge: the Driving Force Behind Volkswagen's S.V.P.
    "There's no better way to show that you're ready for something than to actually start to live it and act like you're there already." That's what Volkswagen's s.v.p. of marketing, Kimberly Gardiner, advises young women getting started. Good career advice for anyone, at any age! In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Kimberly shares with Lisa her unique perspective on pushing the boundaries, setbacks and why she "loves, loves, loves" her job.
  • Raising the Stakes: Outline's Co-Founder Disrupts the Eco-Friendly CPG Industry
    "It was really, really, really, really hard, and we kind of just felt like we were all the way back at square one." The eco-friendly brand, Outlines, had a "rocky start," says co-founder, Meg Murphy. After COVID hit, their game-changing investor pulled out, shutting down the consumer product company before it even got started. In this episode of MediaPost's Brand Insider: BTS, Meg describes that experience as truly unique. Explaining that as devastating as it was, the pandemic helped put things into perspective for her. She also talks about hitting reset, silver linings and their brand's mission of "responsible replenishment."
  • It's the Real Thing: Coca-Cola's Data-Driven Director
    "You gotta just keep going, and [I'm] not sure how long I'll be here, but as long as I'm going to be here, I'm going to make sure that this is a life that I enjoy every moment." Pam Mittoo, Coca-Cola's Group Director, Global Technical Consumer Research, always had a "put one foot in front of the other" attitude, but since surviving cancer it's more than that, it's her "life mantra." In this episode of MediaPost's Brand Insider: BTS, Pam talks about her watershed moment, learning how to deal with bias growing up and her unrelenting propensity for translating insight …
  • Savage X Fenty CMO: Making the Impossible Possible
    "Interviews, public speaking, those things are super scary for me...I was always the one that was taught don't speak until spoken to." A lesson Natalie Guzman worked hard to unlearn. The co-president & CMO at Savage X Fenty: Lingerie by Rihanna forced herself to step out of her comfort zone and raise her hand to be heard. In this episode of Brand Insider: BTS, Natalie speaks to Lisa about growing-up the daughter of Filipino immigrants, its impact on her as a woman of color and the responsibility she now feels to be a voice for change. She also talks movie …
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