Daily Online Examiner Editions for July 2016
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, July 8, 2016
Comcast Brings Data Caps To Chicago
The Human Cost Of Mobile Video
Snapchat Sued Over X-Rated Material
The Media Is Unmediated - And The Revolution Will Be Live Streamed
Adblock Nonplus
Akamai: Average U.S. Broadband Speed Exceeds 15 Mbps
Trump Defends Tweet Charged With Anti-Semitic Image
Yahoo Buyer Might Owe Mozilla Millions
Pandora Tells Some Users to Change Passwords
Facebook Tests Secret Conversations On Messenger
Google: EU Regulators Prepare To Issue Additional Charges
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, July 7, 2016
Senate Democrats Urge FCC To Ban 'Pay-For-Privacy' Schemes
Netflix Sued Over Fee Increase
Fatal Police Shooting Aftermath Live Streamed On Facebook
Pandora Prevails In Music Privacy Battle
Verizon Increases Data Caps, Hikes Prices
FBI Chief Comey Testifies About Clinton Emails
To Beat Ad Fraud, Everyone Must Play Their Part
60% of Emails Include Email Trackers
Tech Issues Impact Streaming Subscriptions
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, July 6, 2016
Broadband Privacy Proposal Threatens To 'Severely Burden' Consumers, ANA Says
Comcast: FCC Cable-Box Proposal Isn't Feasible
Illinois Residents Ask Judge To Reject Google's Challenge To 'Faceprint' Law
Sharing Passwords May Be A Crime, Court Rules
Hacker Pleads Guilty to Breaking Into Celebrity Email Accounts
Researchers Propose Tighter Consumer Privacy Controls
Less Disclosure is Best When it Comes to Data Breaches, Privacy Attorneys Suggest
Goodway Group Launches Anti-Fraud Initiative After Reviewing Invalid Traffic
Netflix-Comcast Deal: A Marriage Of Convenience
'NY Observer' Reporter Calls Out Publisher On Trump Tweet
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, July 5, 2016
Comcast And Netflix End Feud
Pirates Are Repenting, But Don't Expect Ad Blockers To Follow Suit
FTC Investigates Ashley Madison
Self-Driving Car Fatal Failure: Realistic Expectations Of The Internet Of Things
Hulk Hogan's Lawyer Threatens Gawer Media's Deadspin
Twitter Loses Bid To Dismiss Robo-Texting Case
Apple Patents System To Prevent iPhones From Taking Video
FBI Recommends No Email Charges For Hillary Clinton
HTTPS Moves To 30% Of Sites
Buzzfeed Beat To Tackle Fake News
Spammers Take Advantage of Concerns Over Brexit
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, July 1, 2016
NY Attorney General Backs Broadband Privacy Rules
Building Trust At The Point Of Care: Is Your Targeted Marketing Too Targeted?
Facebook Presses Judge To Toss 'Faceprint' Privacy Case
Frontier Seeks To Block Google Fiber In Louisville
Rhode Island Governor Vetoes Bill Outlawing 'Revenge Porn'
Mayer Mum On Yahoo Bids, Reveals Other Tidbits To Investors
Vlogger Accuses BuzzFeed Of Copyright Theft, Starts Online Petition
Tesla Under Investigation For Self-Driving Car Fatality
AG Loretta Lynch Will Accept FBI's Report On Clinton Email Server
One In Four More Willing To Trust Chatbots Than Humans
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