Daily Online Examiner Editions for April 2017
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, April 28, 2017
Uber Beefs Up Privacy Controls
Utah AG, In Contention For FTC Spot, Sees Surge In Political Donations
Judge Grants Facebook Permission To Appeal Robo-Texting Ruling
What Boycott? Google Ad Revenues Soar 19% In Q1
Charter Loses Skirmish In Battle Over Broadband Ads
Facebook Reports 9% Rise In User Account Data Requests
1 In 5 Companies Fear Closure Over GDPR Non-Compliance
Apple Self-Driving Car Spotted On The Road
ICO Reminds Parties To Stay Legal On Email This Election
The Week In Repression: Dozens of Turkish Newspaper Workers Face Life Sentences
Facebook Puts 'Freebooters' On Notice
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, April 27, 2017
FTC's Ohlhausen Praises Plan To Reverse Net Neutrality Rules
Slice Hit With Privacy Suit Over Alleged Sale Of 'Anonymized' Data
Facebook Redoubles Efforts To Fight 'Information Operations'
Consumer Watchdog Urges FTC To Investigate Uber
Another Murder Video Puts Facebook On Defensive
Home Depot Exposes 8,000 Customers' Data
The Connected Garden: Cleaning Up Our Digital Ad Mess
Oh, My Faking Head!
BuzzFeed Gets Public Pounding By Ex-Employe
Government Anger At Twitter User Data Policy
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Broadband Providers Cheer Proposed Net Neutrality Reversal
FCC Chair Unveils Plan To Roll Back 'Political' Net Neutrality Rules
Google Fiber Readies Louisville Rollout
Breitbart Denied Press Credentials, Questions Raised Over Editorial Independence
Unroll.me Chief Exec 'Heartbroken' That Users Feel Betrayed
Facebook Gears Up To Fight Fake News
Google Takes First Steps To Tackle 'Fake News'
Uber Looks At Idea Of Flying Taxis
Oath And Verizon Inspire Confidence. Not. Yet.
Cambridge Professor Gets To The Bottom Of Annoying Emails
The Golden Age Of Retargeting?
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Court Urged To Restore FTC's Power To Prosecute AT&T
FTC Presses Claims Against Company That Sought To Squelch Reviews
FCC Chair To Unveil Plan For Net Neutrality Rollback
Utah Court Tosses Lawyer's Defamation Suit Over Bad Yelp Review
CNN Money Warns Consumers About Data Use By Apps
Consumers Have Big Hopes For Artificial Intelligence
HTTPS Accounts For Half Of Page-One Google Search Results
Inside Google's War On 'Bad' Content
The Trust Factor? Consumers Lack Faith In Brands And Government On Privacy
Influencers Set For $1B+ Payday On Instagram, Despite FTC Warning Bells
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, April 24, 2017
Confide Messaging Service Sued For False Advertising
DHS Investigating Attempt To Unmask Anti-Trump Twitter Account
Facebook Privacy Settlement Moves Forward
Uber Threatened With App Store Ban Over Privacy Violations
Three In Ten Americans Don't Use Social Media
Unroll.me Promises 'Clearer Messaging' After Caught Selling Users' Data
What's Good For Bernie: Should Sanders Surrender His Email List?
Verizion Rolls Out Gigabit Service
LinkedIn Tops 500M Registered Users
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, April 21, 2017
Windstream Can't Prevent Future Copyright Suits
FTC Finalizes Privacy Settlement With Turn
NY Judge Orders Daily News To Scrub Litigant's Name
Canada Clamps Down On Broadband Carriers
USA Today Lost Millions Of Facebook Followers After Spammer Crackdown
'NYT' Makes 'Truth' Easier To Find, New Spots Break On TV, Online
US Declares Arresting Julian Assange Is A 'Priority'
Insidious Phishing Attack Can Be Fought
Verizon's Unlimited Data Plan Stems The Bleeding
Streaming Still Brings A 'Load' Of Problems
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, April 20, 2017
Will FTC Crack Down On Instagram Ads?
Bose Sued For 'Eavesdropping' On Headphone Users
Google Reportedly Prepping Ad Blocker
IAB Makes TAG Registration Mandatory For Members
Owner Of Neo-Nazi Site Sued For Inspiring Harassment
EU Takes Note Of Google Ad Blocker
Is Facebook Fumbling 'Fake News' Fight?
Consumers Trust Apple, Amazon Over Google, Microsoft For Voice Payments
If Facebook Killing Innovation By Copying Snap?
Facebook Looking For Product Head To Fight 'Fake News'
Google Home Can Now Recognize Different Voices
Adidas Apologizes For 'You Survived Marathon' Email
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Silicon Valley Sides With Yelp In Battle Over Takedown Order
Cable Companies Poised To Hike Broadband Prices
Snapchat Hit With Robo-Texting Suit
Critics Filet Facebook's 'News Literacy' Efforts
AT&T Merger With Time Warner Inches Forward
FBI Seeks Alleged Scammer In $5 Million Email Swindle
Facebook Crackdown Drives Demand For Spammers
Facebook Live Gets Much Media Attention -- For All The Wrong Reasons
Forecast: Nearly 80% Of U.S. Display Spending Will Be Programmatic
Amid Uproar, Facebook Promises Faster Response
Don't Be Evil -- Revisited
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, April 17, 2017
Scrapping Net Neutrality Would Be 'Disaster,' FTC's McSweeny Says
Uber Can't Shake False Advertising Claims
What's In It For Me? Consumers Will Share Data In Return For Benefits
Open Internet Faces Threat From Trump Administration
'Denver Post' Sues Ex Ad Execs Over Trade Secrets
Google Reaches Android Antitrust Settlement In Russia
Bloomberg: Trump Was Right To Sign Broadband Privacy Rollback
Facebook Faulted For Broadcasting Murder
Researchers Make Monster Ad-Blocker
California Grants Apple Permit To Test Self-Driving Cars
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, April 14, 2017
Republican Senator Defends Privacy Repeal To Voters
Craigslist Awarded $60 Million Over Scraped Real Estate Listings
Comcast-NBC Merger Conditions Expire Next Year
Facebook Accused Of Publishing Kiddie Porn
Facebook Says Spammers Are Losing Ground
Alleged Email Hacker To Appeal Canadian Bail Denial
Privacy Gray Zone: Can Europe Trust Trump?
An Email Marketer's Guide To Changing Federal Security Regulations
Nick Denton Wants To Develop Web Forums
Employees To Amazon: Drop Breitbart Ads
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