Daily Online Examiner Editions for May 2017
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Senators Call For Federal Investigation Of FCC Web Site Crash
FTC Charges Trampoline Sellers With Creating Fake Review Sites
Netflix CEO: Net Neutrality Rollback Will Hurt Small Companies
Survey Finds 48% Of U.S. Mobile Device Owners Know They Can Block Mobile Ads
Deceased Teen's Parents Can't See Private Facebook Posts, German Court Rules
Supreme Court Says Consumers Can Refill Ink Cartridges Cheaply
Malware-Affected Apps Discovered On Google Play
Transparency, Black Hats, The Repercussions Of Inaction
Google Says It Can Block Almost All Phishing Messages
Microsoft Outlook Hit With Global Outages
YouTube Will Track 'Store Visits' For Advertisers
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Proposed Privacy Bill 'Goes Way Too Far,' ANA Says
Take-Two Fights 'Gotcha' Privacy Suit
New Plug-In Lets Users Envision Web Without Net Neutrality Rules
Russian Search Engine Yandex Faces Treason Charges In Ukraine
Amazon Issues Refunds For Kids' In-App Purchases
Twitter Teams Up With BBC To Live Stream UK Elections
Facebook Fires Back On German Fines
TiVo Gets Favorable Patent Ruling, Stock Price Up
Teenager Has YouTube Addiction, PBS Says
Consumers Craving More Wireless Data Control
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Comcast's Net Neutrality Promises Spark Skepticism
Facebook Users Push To Proceed With Civil Rights Suit
Facebook Opens Up About Content-Policing Problems
Google Lets Advertisers Mesh Users' Offline Purchases With Online Viewing Histories
Docs Want Warnings On Social Media
Pay-TV, Internet Satisfaction Rates Remain Low
BART Hit With Privacy Suit Over Mobile App
Supreme Court Deals Blow To Patent Trolls Shopping For Friendly Venues
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, May 22, 2017
Google, Facebook, Other Tech Companies Weigh In On Battle Over Paparazzi Photos
Marketers Press Claims Against Facebook Over Inflated Metrics
Facebook Looks To Bolster Local News
Review Sites Generate Higher Conversions Than Search, Social, Yelp Study Finds
Senate Staff Can Now Use 'Signal' For Encrypted Messaging
Facebook Deals With Massive Revenge Porn, Sextortion Allegations
WannaCry Causes Fewer Tears Than Feared: VentureBeat
Twitter's Williams Rues Role In Trump Election
Is Google Reading My Mail?
Facebook Facing Questions For Targeting Minors
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, May 19, 2017
Republican Lawmaker Introduces New Online Privacy Bill
Facebook Prevails In Lawsuit Over Terrorist Attacks In Israel
IoT Legal Issues: It's All About The Data
T-Mobile Exec Touts Benefits Of Possible Sprint Merger
GDPR Will Be The Law, Under Whatever Name
Ad-Tech Firms To Form Open-Source Initiative To Address Transparency Issues
Social Media And Messaging Giants Will Feel PM's Wrath
Social Media Sites Negatively Impacting Young People
Get Permission To Ask Permission On GDPR
Daily Online Examiner - Thursday, May 18, 2017
FCC's O'Rielly Hopes To Block State Privacy Laws
FCC Moves Forward With Plan To Gut Net Neutrality Rules
Facebook Fined $122 Million For Misleading EU About WhatsApp Data
WHOA! Facebook Declares WAR (On Clickbait)! Click To Get All The Grisly Details!
IAB Tech Lab Announces New Tool For Reducing Fraudulent Ad Placements
Comcast Rolls Out Fiber-To-The-Home
Rubicon Project's Barrett: Tackle Transparency Or Ad Tech Could Face Regulation
Social Shares Are Overwhelmingly Pro Labour
Information Commissioner To Probe Parties' Use Of Social Targeting
Hackers Steal 17 Million Email Addresses From Zomato
Daily Online Examiner - Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Turn Faces Skeptical Judges In Battle Over Zombie Cookies
Facebook Prevails In Privacy Suit Over Tracking On Health Sites
Republican FCC Commissioner Wants To Block State Broadband Privacy Laws
Facebook Hit With Record Privacy Fine In France
Malicious Fake News On Facebook? Thanks For The Tip!
Media Stocks Dip Amidst Political Turmoil
The Rise And Fall Of So-Called 'Influencers'
Team Trump Sends 'Sabotage' Email to Supporters
Snap: Teenage Fad Or This Year's Silly Putty?
The ABA Says Lawyers Should Use Encrypted Email
ICO Gives Tips On Protecting Privacy Against Ransomware
Daily Online Examiner - Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Broadband Privacy Bill Unveiled In New Jersey
Google Can Keep Trademark, Court Says
Hackers Threaten To Leak New 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'
FilmOn Settles Battle With Broadcasters
Report: Net Neutrality Rules Haven't Dampened Investment By ISPs
New Survey, Old Story: Americans Are Worried About Privacy
Almost 2 Million Email Addresses Stolen From Canada's Largest Telecom
Was North Korea Behind The NHS Attack?
Mickey Mouse Science: Our Pathetic Effort To Fight Cyber Fiends
With WannaCry, At Last Something That's Not Social Media's Fault
Facebook Cracks Down On Crappy 'Live' Content
Daily Online Examiner - Monday, May 15, 2017
Wikipedia Sides With LiveJournal In Fight Over Paparazzi Photos
DMA Backs Vizio In Video Privacy Battle
Microsoft Slams Governments For Global 'WannaCrypt' Attacks
Uber Allowed To Continue Developing Self-Driving Cars
Irritable Email Syndrome: Yahoo Fights Ad-Blocking Suit In Court
Netflix Blocks App Installations On 'Rooted' Androids
UK May Require Social Media Companies To Delete Data On Demand
Lyft And Waymo Will Be Sharing Rides
Microsoft Blames Cyber Attacks On Governments Using Insecure Systems
Ask-Your-Doctor Ad For Uncommon Condition Faces Scrutiny
Negative Media Coverage Shaped Brexit Vote
Consumers Fear Loss Of Browser Privacy
Daily Online Examiner - Friday, May 12, 2017
Sprint And T-Mobile Mull Merger
HP Shipped Laptops Laden With Spyware
ANA Backs Wireless Carriers In Battle Over Cell Phone Radiation Warnings
Uber Could Face Charges For Allegedly Stealing Trade Secrets From Google
Google And Ad Blockers: Can They Eliminate Bad Ads?
Facebook Ramps Up Efforts To Control Disruptive Content, Ads On News Feed
Microsoft, Apple Alliance Opens iTunes App Access
ICO Predicts Another Record Year Of Investigations Ahead of GDPR
Massive Ransomware Attack Hits 74 Countries
Trump: News Media's Worthy Competitor
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