Email Marketing Daily Editions for December 2015
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, Dec. 31, 2015
Microsoft Will Start Telling Email Users About Suspected Hacks
Yahoo to Alert Email Users Whose Accounts Are Being Hacked
Chrome App Helps Women Edit The Sorrys Out of Email
Google's Calendar, Inbox & Keep Apps Work Together to Increase User Productivity
Microsoft Will Warn Email Users About Government Hacking
Consumers Can't Tell Native Ads From Editorial Content
Ringing In 2016 Predictions, But Someone Must Shoot This Zombie In The Head
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2015
Data Breach Exposes Voter Registration Date For 191 Million People
Birchbox's Email Program Is Not Without Hiccups
Ashley Madison Claims Membership Has Grown Since Data Breach
University of Connecticut's Email Program Hacked
Global Delight Rebrands Editing Tool, Adds Ability To Share Videos Via Email
Three Ways To Verify Email Addresses
'Fat Thumbs' Still A Problem for Mobile Ads In Growth Regions
Agency Accused of Plagiarism Reaches Out to Design Student They Plagiarized
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015
Travel Email Volume Up 68% This Holiday Season, Retail Emails Up 36.4%
Cuisinart Makes It Easier to Scan & Register Products With Smartphone & Email
E-commerce Sales Up 20% Between Black Friday & Christmas Eve
Teenagers Respond to Email Faster Than Other Age Groups
State Department to Release New Clinton Emails on New Year's Eve
2016 Will Become The Year Of Data For Marketers
Microsoft Adds Minor Windows Updates, Potentially Exposes Privacy
Closing The Moment Marketing Gap In 2016
UK Criminalizes Social Media Abuse
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Dec. 28, 2015
Pandora Relies on Data to Drive Return Visits
Australian Gaming Service Experiences Data Breach on Christmas Day
Retail Email Volume Increased in Q3 2015
Email Stats From 2015
Porngate Email Scandal Embarrasses Pennsylvania Officials
Email Phishing Scams On The Rise
Salespeople Favor Email, But Fail To Measure Results
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015
Last Minute Gift Givers Turn to Email
Livestream Hack May Have Exposed Customer Data
Hyatt Hotels Reveals Data Breach
Most Gym Chains Aren't Taking Advantage of Email
North Carolina AG Says Politicians Will Get More Disciplined About Email in Email Scandal
DOJ Wins Access to Journalist's Gmail Account
Last-Minute Christmas Eve Email Marketing Ideas
Planning For 2016? Here's Some Direction
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015
Why Your Email Subscribers Unsubscribe
Google May Do Away With Email Passwords
More Holiday Email Fails To Boost Transactions
Email Marketers Embraced Personalization in 2015
40.5% of Consumers Want to Receive Emails Once a Month or Less: Fluent
Man Accused of Hacking Celebrity Email Accounts to Steal Private Data
Planning For 2016? Here's Some Direction
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015 Hard Drive Seized in Investigation of Threatening Email Sent to Los Angeles Schools
Discovery's Old Video Finds A New Life
DOJ Investigates Uber Data Breach
Google, Ford Joint Venture Would Advance Technology And Automotive Practices, Ease Challenges
BGR Store Runs Sale on Disposable Email Generator & AnonVPN
A Resolution For The Age Of The Customer
BBB Issues Warning Over Spam Filter Email
AOL Launches Alto Mail To Manage Multiple Email Platforms
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Dec. 21, 2015
Clinton Urges Supporters to Contribute to Campaign is Latest Email Push
The Telegraph Fined GBP30,000 For Breaking Email Marketing Rules
Vodafone Charges Customer More Than GBP5,000 in Roaming Fees For Checking Email Abroad
Pinterest Adopts Email to Push Pinned Items For Sale
Hello Kitty Data Breach Exposes Data From 3.3 Million User Accounts
Can Email Improve Your Health?
Triggered Email Click Rates Soar To Nearly 229%
Google Reaches For Cloud Space To Power Advertising, Services
Microsoft Sharpens Its Data Chain Through Metanautix Acquisition, Partnerships
Outfront Planning Addressable Outdoor Ad Network
Think Like A Publisher, Act Like A Retailer
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Dec. 18, 2015
Sanders Campaign Locked out of DNC Database After Stealing Clinton's Data
In the Era of Personalization, ESPs Should Reconsider Pricing Model: Report
Google's Project Zero Team Shows Vulnerabilities of Secure Networks
Email Marketers Focus on Discounts This Holiday Season: Strongview
UK HIV Support Group Gets Fined Over Email Mistake That Exposes Patient Names
The European Union Sets New Data Rules Affecting Email Marketers
Oracle Marketing Cloud Integrates With ContentMX, Gains Original Email Content
Free Shipping Day Is A Year-Round Opportunity For Email Marketers
Does A Click Really Represent Engagement?
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015
U.S. Marketers Will Face Roadblocks From New European Data Privacy Legislation
Virgin Media Customers Continue to Experience Email Blocks
Scott Walker Rents Email List to Current Republican Candidates
Non-profit Email Volume Increases As Conversion Rates Drop
Defense Secretary Used Personal Email For Official Business
Email Marketers Not Adopting Personalization This Holiday Season
Personalized Marketing Lacks The Correct Tools
Does A Click Really Represent Engagement?
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