Oracle Marketing Cloud Integrates With ContentMX, Gains Original Email Content

ContentMX made ContentMX Cloud application available on Oracle Marketing Cloud Friday, enabling email marketers to leverage original and curated content in their marketing campaigns.

ContentMX provides Oracle customers with a content marketing platform aimed at increasing sales through original content sourced from a team of 6,000 trusted writers. Essentially, ContentMX’s integration gives Oracle Eloqua customers an extension to their writing staff when needed. 

This original content is mobile-friendly and optimized to promote sharing, and can be published in tandem to a brand’s website, blog, email newsletter and social media sites. ContentMX also connects to a variety of email marketing platforms for quick-and-easy sharing, including Constant Contact, Eloqua, Salesforce’s ExactTarget, and MailChimp.



Today’s integration announcement could be a blessing to smaller Oracle Marketing Cloud enterprise customers who lack the resources needed to churn out original and omnichannel content on a daily basis. 53% of content marketers polled by Ascend2 in March 2015 stated that a lack of internal content creation resources was hindering their content marketing success. A lack of resources was the highest ranking challenge listed in the report.   

ContentMX significantly simplifies the process by outsourcing the content creation, allowing businesses to easily develop email newsletter campaigns in a time efficient manner.

“Previously, the process of building a newsletter was time-consuming and cumbersome,” states Lisa Schindler, marketing communications manager at Arrow ECS and ContentMX customer. “It required a lot of duplicate efforts, as we posted each story in our Emagazine, as well as in the Oracle Eloqua template. With ContentMX Cloud, the process has been significantly simplified. I only have to create the stories in our Emagazine and then simply click to populate the ContentMX newsletter template. It’s a snap!“

One caveat to keep in mind is the progressive move of the email marketing industry towards machine learning and predictive content. ContentMX could be a useful partner for a brand’s weekly general email newsletter, but marketers should not turn to the platform as a solution for truly individualized and personalized email content for their subscribers.

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