Email Marketing Daily Editions for June 2016
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 30, 2016
Fund-Raising Emails Land Trump In Hot Water With FEC
Trump Sends Campaign Emails to Politicians Overseas
Are Words (In Email Marketing Messages) So Last-Century?
You're 'Welcome' Makes A Good First Impression
87% of Marketers Include Images in Welcome Emails
The Telephone: Critical Offline Interaction Of The Omnichannel Customer
Clinton Aide Revealed Frustrations With Private Email Server
Bill Clinton Took Private Meeting With Attorney General During Hillary's Email Investigation
MRC Accredits First Company For Detection Of Invalid Traffic
Chris Christe May Have Used Personal Email Account for Work New Documents Suggest
Software Reads Employee Emails to Detect Leaks
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Email Proven To Be Consumers' Marketing Channel Of Choice, As Long As There Is Control
Yandex Hyper-Targeted Ad Platform Uses Emails, Telephone Numbers
Personalization Drives Email Engagement
Trump Email Encourages Voters to Indict Clinton
What Makes A Bad Salesperson (Hint: See Below)?
New Emails Raise Questions About Clinton's Defense in Email Investigation
Email is the Channel That Gets the Most Personalization
39% of Marketers Use Thank You Emails as First Touch Point
Evans Cycles Finds Extra Revenue in Transactional Emails
Industry Benchmarks Don't Matter
Samsung's Get, Keep, Grow Strategy
DMA Assures UK Email Marketers Their Voice Will Still Be Heard In Brussels
The True Impact To Businesses Of Email Fraud
Office Workers Spend A Third Of Their Time Checking Emails
Keep On Top Of Bounce Rates To Cut Down On Spam Issues
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Email Marketing Should Become Customer Service
Senator Fights Bill That Would Allow FBI to Access Email Metadata
Timeliness & Relevancy Drive Conversion: eBay
Spammers Target Tech Journalists
Trump Raised $3M From First Campaign Email
CEO Changes Email Password to Go Dark on Vacation
July 4th-Themed Email Campaigns Are Less Engaging
IBM Releases Next Gen MobileFirst Foundation For The Cloud
Cloud Tools And Data Meet Networking. How Microsoft Can Justify LinkedIn's GBP26bn Price Tag
Amazon Opens The E-Book On K-12 With Free Resources Service For Teachers
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, June 27, 2016
Lavabit Owner Confirms It Was Invested for Snowden Leak
Yahoo Mail Users Can Now Create Custom Designed Emails
CoffeeCup's RED Helps SMBs Craft Email Newsletters
Yahoo Mail Update Allows Users To Unsend Emails
Yahoo Announces More Creative Updates To Its Mail App
Luxury Fashion Brands Say Targeted Email Better Than Discounting
Biggest Turnoff In First Emails Are Broken Links
Email Tips For Charities
Sorry, Email Marketers -- The Public Just Doesn't Trust You
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, June 24, 2016
I Now Pronounce You, Email And Social
Brexit -- It's Business As Usual For Email And GDPR Compliance
Personalization Popular, But Held Back By Budget And Skill
Ryanair Marketing Email Hoped the UK Would Remain
Attractive Women and Models Only: The Trouble With Cannes -- And Advertising
State Department Turned Off Spam Filters When Clinton's Emails Were Blocked
Millennial Moms (And Dads) Bringing Back The Art Of Couponing
Eir Warns Customers About Spam Email
Email Fraud Linked To A Drop In Engagement Rates
Senate Votes Down Bill That Would Have Let FBI Access Email & Search Records Without a Warrant
CMOs Who Can Code Offer Email Marketing Advantages
Newsletters Are Best When Targeted At Segments
Email Marketing Reaches A Crossroads
Business Email Addresses More Trusted Than Personal, GoDaddy Finds
How To Avoid Your Email Getting Blacklisted
Over Half Of Email Servers Susceptible To Spoof Emails
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, June 23, 2016
Clinton to Tap Obama's Coveted Email List
More Than Half of Alexa's Top 500 Ranking Sites Vulnerable to Attacks
Silk Road Emails May be at the Heart of Microsoft's Email Privacy Battle
Quartz Teams With Cannes Lions For Official Email Newsletter
Clinton's Server Was Temporarily Without Security Software in December 2010
Email Marketing Software A Must-Have
Clinton Gains Obama's Email Juggernaut
Majority Of Top Web Sites Vulnerable To Email Spoofing
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Microsoft Turns to Recent Supreme Court Decision to Support Its Fight Against U.S. Gov
Instagram Snags 500M Users, Pairs Well With Email
Judge Reigns In Clinton Email Lawsuits to Avoid Duplicative Discovery
California Bill to Collect Sex Offender Email Addresses Advances
Trump Should Look to Sanders to Learn Email Marketing
Grand Jury Criticizes City of Berkeley's Email Management
Word-Of-Mouth Influence Still Strong In Digital Age
Reactivation Campaigns Protect Open And Click-Through Rates
Forget Passwords -- Google Gives Screen Prompt For Email Access
One-To-One Programmatic Technology To Revolutionise Email As It Did Display
Bosses Considering Email Clamp-Down Must Be Mad
Spa Apologises For Brexit Email Blast
B2B Email Marketers: Brace -- And Start Spring Cleaning Now
Clinton Campaign Shifts Into High Gear, Convention On Horizon
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Check Your Email -- You May Have Free Concert Tickets
Ticketmaster Repays Customers $386M in Free Concert Tickets
Trump Sends First Campaign Email
Google Now Allows Mobile Users to Sign Into Gmail From Home Screen
Clinton's Former IT Aide to Testify
Slipknot Drummer Says He Was Fired Via Email
CRM Data Increases Email Marketing ROI
Olapic Launches Customer-Generated Video Ad Solution
Realizing The Promise Of Contextual Customer Journeys
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, June 20, 2016
Nielsen Launches Marketing Cloud In Europe
Hilton Grand Apologizes Over Distasteful Email
The Connected Dad
Outlook Now Lets Users Schedule Starbucks Meetings From Inbox
Is Email Emerging As The Cross-Device Champion Of MCommerce?
Trump Pushes Urgency in Campaign Email
AG Promises to be Impartial in Clinton Email Investigation
Scammers Spoof Irish Government in PayPal Scam Email
Demystifying DMARC
Research Prompts Companies To Consider Work Email Ban
Build Brand Advocates By Segmenting Email Lists
MCommerce A Daily Reality For 1 In 10 Millennials -- One In Three Purchases Involve Cross-Channel
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, June 17, 2016
Email Mobile Adoption Jumps
It Costs $7.01M to Resolve a Data Breach
Acer Reveals Large Data Breach
41% of U.S. Voters Think Clinton Broke Law With Email Usage
Fake Email Scams Have Grown by 1300%
Samsung Buys Joyent To Expand Cloud Computing Offering
Fox News: TVEyes Infringes Copyright, Undercuts Licensing Market
How One Retailer Has Tripled Email Revenue Through Targeted Segments And eReceipts
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