Email Marketing Daily Editions for September 2016
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 16, 2016
Leaked Emails Expose Sexism in Apple Offices
Stephen Colbert Tells Politicians to Stop Using Email
Elon Musk Impersonated by Oil Exec in Email
Politicians, Journalists Rethink Email in Era of Hacks
Oklahoma State Election Board Warns Voters of Scam Email
Gmail Finally Supports Responsive Design
Problems To Look Out For, And Fix, With Email Automation
What Email Marketers Need To Do To Get Some Credit
Vogue's Email Etiquette Advice For Millennials
Personalisation, Subject-Line Predictors Got A Very Quiet Thumbs Up At Dmexco
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016
Millennials Demand Consumer-First Approach
Best Day For Email Sending Is Neither Black Nor White
Google to Make it Easier to Optimize Mobile Emails
State Democrats Warn Party About Hacks
Half of Americans Concerned About Clinton Email Issues
Colin Powell's Email Hacked
Newton Email App Carries Hefty Price Tag
Zoho Integrates With MailChimp For SMB Marketing
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016
Apple Stops Emailing Gift Cards in U.S.
Employees Take the Fifth in Clinton Email Investigation
Tim Cook Hints at New MacBook in Email to Customer
Easythingy Wants to Turn Inbox Into Travel Organizer
Rush App Brings Email Together With IM
Avention Expands Partnership With Oracle To Align Sales, Marketing
Personalisation Is Key As Holiday Season Approaches
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016
Mobile Email Is on the Rise, as Webmail Declines
Leoni Lost $40 M to CEO Spam Email
Black Lives Matter Activist Banned From Facebook for Showing Racist Email
Chris Christie May Face HIs Own Email Scandal
Spark Moves Email Service to SMX
Crunchbase Extends Its Database With Dynamic Searches, Email Alerts
Mobile Isn't Just Another Screen
The Bermuda Triangle Of Advertising
Email Marketing Daily - Monday, Sept. 12, 2016
PreSonus Boosts Email Engagement With Localization
Email's ROI is 122%
Repair The Roof When The Sun Is Shining
George Bush Lost 22 Million Emails While in Office
Can Email Marketers Be Expected To Be GDPR Ready Before The Regulator?
Security Experts Are Helping to Reveal Past Data Breaches
Seagate Employees Sue Company Over Data Leaked in Breach
Virginia Tech Threat Emails Originated From South America
Testimonials Give Much-Needed 'Social Proof' To Email Campaigns
DMA Launches GDPR Survey
DMARC Rules Mean Own Domain Emails Are Best For Deliverability
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 9, 2016
DOJ Granted Immunity to IT Specialist That Deleted Clinton Emails
Two North Carolina Men Arrested for Hacking Email Account of CIA Director
House Oversight Committee Heads Battle Over Clinton Email
Florida Warns State Residents of Insurance Scam Email
Restaurant Chain Offers College Football Fans Some VR Highjinx
Why Blogging And Email Are A Great Combination
Smart Marketers Combine The Strengths of Social And Email
Can You Afford Not To Find Out What Will Drive Interaction To Leap 39%?
Advocates Want FCC To Say Broadband Means Speeds Of 50 Mbps
Email Marketing Daily - Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016
7 Tips For Email Marketing On The Apple Watch
Holiday Email Volume Increased in 2015, As Engagement Went Down
Are You The Problem?
Conferma Brings Email Payments to B-to-B Companies CEO Neil Vogel: Organic Paid-Search Clicks To Pay Publishers?
Government Report Criticizes OPM Over Data Breach
Postmortem On Odd Non-Debate On NBC: So Who Won?
Colin Powell's Advice to Clinton Revealed in Email
Commander In Chief Forum Asks Tough Questions, Voters Get Few Answers
Microsoft Working on Slack-Like Tool
Using Social Media For 'Sexy' Family-Planning Social Marketing
Google Acquires API Tool Apigee For $625M, Ups Communication Efforts
Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2016
Say Hello To The Hybrid Cloud
Russian Email Service Hacked
Porn Site Brazzers Hack Exposes Email & Password Data
Trump Attacks Clinton Over Email Investigation
Work Email After Hours Leads to Burnout, New Study Finds
India Adopts Digital Alerts to Court Filings
theSkimm Automates NFL Calendar On Mobile
Microsoft Edge To Get A Personal Shopping Assistant
Testing Essential For Boosting Conversions
Testimonials Work Well In Email Content
Time To Get Thinking About Christmas Email
The Email Secret You Could Learn From A Liverpudlian Butcher
Digital Video Market Has Work To Do
Email Marketing Daily - Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2016
Adobe Announces Updates To Creative Cloud
Variety's Email System Hacked
4 Ways To Fight The Privacy Vs. Relevance Battle
Fans 1st Media Brings Social Audience To Email With PostUp
Microsoft Leads Fight Against DOJ in User Privacy
One In Five Brand Profiles Is Fake
Afar Media, Aruba Tourism Team For Instagram Project
Will Hacks Hurt US Elections?
Mobile Coupon Users On The Rise Email Accounts Are Not Secure
Telling Your Story: Build A Strong Mission Statement
TalkTalk Data Breach Fine Upheld in Appeal
Make it Easy, Make it Fun
Clinton Answers Reporters' Questions Aboard Her Plane
Email Marketing Daily - Friday, Sept. 2, 2016
Zeta Interactive Secures $45M, Continues Acquisition Spree
Guccifer Gets 52 Months for Email Hacking
Pokemon Go Seeks To Reassure Lawmaker On Privacy
Email & Social at the Heart of Barnes & Noble Student Push
Yahoo Settles Email Privacy Class Action Suit
Employee Arrested in Sage Group Data Breach
How To Avoid Becoming A Victim In The Spam Wars
Bjorn Borg Increases Email Revenue By Two-Thirds With More Targeted And Timely Messages
Lawyers Appear To Be Main Winners In Yahoo Email Decision User Data That Was Stolen in 2012 Shared On LeakedSource
Why Clubs And Targeting Keep Email Lists Loyal
Difficult Month For Clinton Ends With A Silver Lining: $143 Million
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