EU Email Marketing Daily Editions for March 2017
EU Email Marketing Daily - Friday, March 31, 2017
'Do EU Feel Lucky, Punk?' 1 In 4 Drop GDPR Plans
LiveIntent, Taboola Partner For Personalized Email Content
Nearly One In Four Companies Report Dropping GDPR Work
BrandMaker Launches Customer Engagement Cloud
Why Unsubscribers Aren't Such A Bad Thing
Rushed Headers Are One Of Email's Seven Common Mistakes
Seven Ways You Can Screw Up Your Email Marketing
Life After How Brands Can Recoup
No Business Is Too Small To Benefit From Email Marketing
Closing Lines Just As Important As Openers
Security Flaw Uncovered In Microsoft Office: Researcher
Researchers Say Lemonade Flavor Can Be Transmitted Via Email
EU Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Why Does Email Marketing Suck So Badly At Goodbyes?
Flybe and Honda Fined For Spam Emails In UK
Consumers Are Fatigued By Email Retail Offers
Sharing Exclusive Updates Can Keep Lists Engaged
Kickbox, SparkPost Form Partnership, Up Deliverability
Marketing Automation Will Put Your Email Marketing On A Targeted Track
Springbot To Launch Email Tools For Segmentation, Product Recommmendations
David Beckham Email Hack -- Katherine Jenkins Wants No Part In It
Advice On Picking An Encrypted Email Provider
Social Media Ads Best Way To Grow Email Lists: Survey Rates Email Platforms
MailChimp Offers Crushed-Up Potato Chips
EU Email Marketing Daily - Monday, March 27, 2017
Email Marketing's Sage Lesson -- Lists Are Best Built The Hard Way
Microsoft Partners With Adobe For AI, Facing Off Against Salesforce, IBM
BEC Scams Rise, Proofpoint Beefs Up Email Security
Email Is Not Dead -- It's A Retailer's Dream
Capital Letters Will Cost You: Subject Line Study
Flybe And Honda Get Email Permissioning Fines
The Secrets Behind Email Marketing's Massive Success Story
TechStyle Uses Data Trove To Drive Email
Google Will Shutter Google Talk In Favor Of Hangouts
Social Media Ads Best Way To Grow Email Lists: Survey
EU Email Marketing Daily - Friday, March 24, 2017
Email Is Mobile, So Moving, Tactile Campaigns Are The Latest Instant Hit
LinkedIn To Introduce Email Targeting, Launch New Ad Platform
Don't Bury GDPR Permissions In The 'Small Print'
Social Media, Content Marketing Most Effective For Growing Email Lists
Kinetic Research Shows Moving Email Performs The Best
Tips On Getting Consumers To Open Your Emails
Amplify The Power Of A Click
BEC Scams Rise, Proofpoint Beefs Up Email Security
Permission Is Good For Manners, And Especially Business
Gmail Is The Answer To Deleted Addresses, 'Guardian' Says
Encrypted Gmail Alternative Draws Signups In Europe
EU Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Could Email Be The Next Chatbot?
Mobile Email Engagement On The Rise
IoT Will Spark An Email Revolution
Adobe Unveils New Cloud Solutions At Summit
Dark Web Vendor Still Selling Gmail and Yahoo Account Information
Verizon To Deactivate 4.5M Email Addresses
Key Email Trends To Look Out For In 2017
Experts Warn Of Latest Amazon Email Scam
5 Easy A/B Tests
Microsoft Outlook Suffers Global Outage
IOT Expected to Pull $6 Trillion In Investment By 2010
EU Email Marketing Daily - Monday, March 20, 2017
Email Smashes Facebook Again, With 4x More Retail Reach
Judge Nixes Google Settlement Over Email Scans
Email Is Top UK Channel For Receiving Retail Marketing
Movable Ink Launches Loyalty Solution
Abandoned Cart Emails Boost Sales
Helping Subscribers Is The Best Way To Earn Trust
The Millennial Mystique
Accused Yahoo Hack Spy Worked for Russian Tycoon's Bank: Bloomberg
10 Tips For Creating Email Messages With A Message
DMA Calls For Greater ICO Clarity On 'Legitimate Interest' Alternative To Consent
ICO Warns Local Authorities They Must Be Ready For GDPR
EU Email Marketing Daily - Friday, March 17, 2017
Relevant Content: The Next Frontier For Email Marketing
Campaign Monitor Acquires Tagga, Turns To CRM
Marketers Are Not Fully Confident In Their Mastery Of Mobile
Email Marketing's Big Pinch Point Is Content Consumers Find Relevant
Help From Hal: The Next Wave of AI
Urban Airship Expands Web Push Notifications, Complements Email
Less Salesy Messages Get Better Engagement
Email Purchase Path Similar For Different German Age Groups
Is Choosing The Big ESP Always The Right Choice?
How To Not Annoy People With Your Email Marketing Campaign
EU Email Marketing Daily - Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Email Marketing Just Got A Massive ROI Blessing In Disguise
Loyalty Most Powerful Email Promotion, Shipping Least
Brits And Germans Are 21% More Likely To Engage When Happy
Email Volumes Rose 14% In Q4 2016
Minimalist Emails: How Brands Cash In On The Trend
First Rule Of Email -- Get Their Name Right
Optimizing Experiences For The Connected Consumer
Saying 'Thank You' Increases Email Response Rates
User-Generated Content Is Winner In Email Strategies
Higher Engagement For Emails Without Offers
EU Email Marketing Daily - Monday, March 13, 2017
Personalisation Boosts Conversions For More Than Four In Five Email Marketers
ICO Asks Parliament For More GDPR Resources
Duck The Spam Folder With Seven Hidden Metrics: The Return Path Study
Could A Chat Bot Alleviate Inbox Overload?
How To Spot Common Email Marketing Mistakes
Personalised Email Delivers Huge Uplift
Optimizing Digital Marketing Performance To Drive Business Performance
Industry Insiders Weigh In On Watson/Einstein Partnership
Case Study: How A Retailer Used Real-Time Personalization
The Problem With Gmail Clipping, And How To Get Around It
Marketing Automation Can Boost Email Campaigns
Are Communities The New Segments?
Virgin Media Email Subscribers Are Blocked Again
West Africa Is A Hub Of Email Scam Artists: Report
EU Email Marketing Daily - Friday, March 10, 2017
Dynamic Targeting Is Coming And It's Personalisation On Real-Time Steroids
Report Finds Both Heightened Email Engagement, Rising Spam Rates
Nearly Half Of Email Marketers To Invest In Dynamic Offers
Nine In Ten Worried About Privacy, But Consumers Still Want Personalisation
Is Your Email List Safe From Hacking?
Equifax Launches Ignite, Analytics Portfolio With Apps
Lawyers To Get Decision On Accessing James Murdoch And Rebekah Brooks' Emails
Man Swaps Work Email ID With Wife, Soon Gets Patronised
That Fine Line: Supporting A Cause Vs. Pandering
Target Your Messages To The Right Audience
Email Marketers Need Identity Management, Expert Says
A Behavioral Economist Tries to Fix Email
IBM Stores Data On A Single Atom
UK Lawyers Targeted By Email Scammers
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