• Smash
    Tennis demands of its players etiquette usually associated with finishing school. It imposes attire requirements more stringent than those of Vegas nightclubs. It includes the word "love" in its scoring. Tennis: it's EXTREME. Or so the folks behind Smash would have you believe.
  • Southern Living
    More often than not, magazine redesigns are an exercise in futility. Brighter colors, larger photos, a few extra sidebars... isn't this pretty much the publishing equivalent of throwing the same exact ingredients into a stew, but in a slightly different order? If you really want to get readers to pay more attention, I suggest incentivizing them with a free Mr. Coffee doohickey, like banks used to do.
  • Complex
    At a time when magazines and the entire print world are supposedly dying a slow, painful death, Complex magazine, a jam-packed, visually-laden affair, appears to be thriving and having fun doing so.
  • Details
    I can't say that I like Details; the mag and I are as much of an odd-couple pairing as April cover boy Vin Diesel and multisyllabic words (zing!). Nonetheless, I have no problem grasping why the title has surged in popularity since its extreme makeover a few years back.Where other men's magazines throw a bunch of junk against the wall and hope it sticks, Details has something that feels suspiciously like a personality.
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