• Star
    You could write thousands of words about how Star magazine both reflects and contributes to the inexorable decline of civilization, but I will skip all that in the hope of being a savvier media consumer than my dad, who once expressed indignation on finding "Boogie Nights" "a rather lewd movie" (Mom: "We thought it was about disco dancing"). Celebrity mags are what they are -- trash -- and if you don't like it, you're free to go read Tolstoy or Rick Warren, or maybe just take a nap.
  • American Photo
    If you just want tips on cameras, try Popular Photography. It's got rankings, choices and a user-friendly approach that spells out the technical expertise involved in high-end purchases. However, if you value the art and culture of photography, give American Photo a look-see. You'll become a regular F. Stop Fitzgerald.
  • Get Married
    Condé Nast recently shuttered Elegant Bride and Modern Bride. How can a new bridal magazine possibly survive in these trying times? Get Married is hoping to carve out a niche by focusing on being "the new shopping and trend guide for the savvy bride."
  • New York
    On Oct. 14, Bruce Wasserstein -- CEO of Lazard. Ltd. and owner of New York magazine -- died suddenly. The event had the makings of a classic New York article: Financier-Owner Dies! What's Next For New York Magazine? Speculation about the magazine's future did appear. Callous? Perhaps! Downright ghoulish? Maybe. But, hey, this is publishing and this is New York! You got a problem with that?
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