• Bookmarks
    Wow, even the letters are interesting in Bookmarks. That tagline -- "For Everyone Who Hasn't Read Everything" -- seems to attract the best and the brightest. A previous column on "Books I Didn't Finish" generates a whole page of responses in the September-October issue (admittedly, I have to add myself to the list for "Love in the Time of Cholera.") And one reader even expands the dialogue to include "Books I Finished but Wish I Hadn't."
  • Outside
    Back in 1978, a letter in Outside's first issue stated that the magazine was "dedicated to covering the people, sports and activities, politics, art, literature, and hardware of the outdoors." The magazine is driven by the search for innovative ways to connect people to the world outdoors. Those goals are definitely being met if the current issue is any indication. Even dedicated couch potatoes can delight in living vicariously through first-person accounts of such activities as rollerblading around Paris or biking in the Single Speed World Championships, a decidedly different mountain bike "race" where it's not unusual to see competitors …
  • The Bark
    That cover shot of Rocky on the July/August issue tells all you need to know: The Bark is about celebrating all matters canine. Of course, there's nothing unusual about a magazine devoted to a specific animal, or to any specialized topic for that matter. What makes The Bark somewhat rare, though, is that even those without a love for furry friends could find something compelling in these pages. Really.
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