• Motor Trend
    Few magazine markets put the consumption in "consumer" quite like the automotive enthusiast field. So now that our long-term love of the internal-combustion engine is destroying our economy, our foreign policy, and even our planet, how does a car mag celebrate the machines that threaten to strangle us all?
  • LoftLife
    A cover line on the new magazine LoftLife claims "foreclosures and rural seclusion may lead to a rebirth of city living." Is this a subtle reference to squatting? Or will prices fall so much that an expensive loft, sheer luxury in Manhattan, becomes doable? And I don't mean the housing equivalent of shopping at Sears. I mean a disgraced hedge-fund manager who squirreled away money in Treasury bonds and escaped prosecution can move in. A quick perusal of this lovely pub is a gentle reminder that the good life doesn't come cheap.
  • Cigar Aficionado
    A few minutes into my first read of Cigar Aficionado, I have but one burning question: Who the hell is Marvin R. Shanken, the mag's editor and publisher? Talk about vanity rags -- pictures of Shanken, an elderly bearded gentleman with a pudgy-mogul vibe, seem to be everywhere in CA's pages....
  • Sherman's Travel
    I reviewed Sherman's Travel in November 2006 soon after its debut. I was a fan of its informative articles, clean layout and upbeat style. Since it's still here -- and competing in a super-tough economic environment -- it's worth revisiting. Let's see where the rubber hits the road.
  • The Ring
    The Ring is the bible of boxing. It has been for decades, and while the sport is lousy with belts, titles, idiotic rankings, The Ring is the one place you can go if you want to get anything like a legitimate ranking of who the top ten or so fighters are in each weight class, more or less.
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