• Runner's World
    Many people who don't run marathons or need a GPS on their Asics probably pigeonhole Runner's World as a niche offering -- a publication slotted in the newsstand next to Sport Fishing. A quick glance at RW's December issue may not dissuade them. For example, blurbs exclaim that beet juice increases nitrate levels and builds endurance. But give the mag a 26.2-mile examination, and it becomes clear: Runner's World does an admirable job of serving as both an enthusiast and general-interest publication.
  • That 'Je Ne Sais Quoi': What Makes A Shelter Book A Keeper?
    Earlier this year I was bemoaning the death of Condé Nast's shelter book Domino, while also wondering if I could find a replacement pub for my monthly design fix. My subsequent search helped me define the X factors determining whether a shelter book merely rates a cursory look-through, or becomes a keepsake pub (at least for me; feel free to propose contrary views in the comments).
  • Audubon
    Egrets, I've had a few. Also macaws, warblers and cardinals. All make up the extraordinary world of our avian friends; there are 600 North American species alone. For amateur and professional ornithologists alike, the bird world is a source of endless fascination. Such is Audubon's turf; this beautifully produced magazine believes, like Emily Dickinson, "hope is the thing with feathers."
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