• 944
    It's summertime and the living is easy. Or so it would seem for the readers of 944, which focuses this month on travel. It's really a perfect summertime read: light but interesting. You won't find stories about the war in Afghanistan or the still-tanking national economy, but hey, don't we get enough of that every day online and on TV? When I'm sitting in my lounge chair, I'd much rather read about why I should plan a trip to India.
  • People
    Most of us undoubtedly think of magazines as year-round reads, not tied to a particular season. But I know quite a few newsstand buyers who equate People, Us, and other frothy entertainment mags with beach chairs and chaise lounges. I even had a friend who only bought People in May and June, just so she could stock her beach house with a few weeks' worth of guilty reading pleasures each summer.
  • Golf Digest
    If you want to know how to play like a winner, pick up a subscription to Golf Digest. The monthly is geared to serious players and sports a strong template: well-organized, concisely written sections that feature solid information from pros -- players and coaches alike -- as well as profiles, tour information and fashion tips. It's like Popular Mechanics for golfers; no detail is ignored.
  • EdibleWOW
    The term "salad days" has taken on a new meaning in our house. We increased our membership in a local Community Supported Agriculture farm to a full share this year, meaning we get a full box of produce every week instead of the half box we had been getting in years past. As a result, I've had more romaine lettuce than I know what to do with. I'm hoping edibleWOW will help me down the line with recipes to use up future loads of veggies since it focuses on what's currently in season. And since what's in season varies from …
  • Moving Pictures
    When the going gets tough, the tough go to the movies. How better to escape than settling back in a comfy chair for two hours in cool darkness? So taking a look at Moving Pictures magazine seems like a good idea; these are trying times and movies may be our last means of escapism, with "reality" programming taking over the tube.
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