• Fade In
    With Tuesday morning's announcement of the 2005 Academy Award nominees, we enter that glorious time of the year when news of Oscar snubs and formal duds eclipses the latest dispatches from Darfur on the front page, when movie buffs feel comfortable talking about "the Academy" as if it's a human entity ("THE ACADEMY owes Marty a GOLDEN BOY after all these years"). It's a six-week period rife with light-minded debate - and Fade In, a mag still transitioning from an insider to a mass-consumer approach, desperately wants to be a part of it.
  • Conceive
    Here's something you don't see in most parenting or women's health magazines: "How to... Give Yourself or Someone Else an Injection," along with a two-page spread of step-by-step pictures. We thought so too until we spent some time delving through the second issue of Conceive magazine. It turns out that shots are a big part of fertility treatment. And if you were faced with assisting a spouse with such a task, or with trying to grasp many other similarly emotionally charged issues surrounding pregnancy and fertility, wouldn't you like some trusted, anonymous help?
  • Food & Wine
    The current issue of Food & Wine is all about Spain - Spanish cuisine, top restaurants in Madrid and Barcelona, along with travel recommendations for visiting the Spanish countryside.
  • Time: Meet the Twixters
    The newsweeklies are at it again - 'discovering' a new societal trend and coining a new title for a generation. On its cover this week, Time has a photo of a young man in business casual attire sitting in a sandbox. The story is "Meet the Twixters....They Just Won't Grow Up."
  • GQ
    It's been about a year and a half since Jim Nelson replaced the late Art Cooper as editor-in-chief at GQ, promising more photography, more utilitarian fashion, and a fresher overall magazine. So how is he doing?
  • Plenty
    With TV ads for hybrid cars having finally made it on the air among the various spots for power SUVs, and with Americans more concerned than ever with things like fuel prices, recycling, and organic food, it was inevitable that a magazine like Plenty would find its way on the newsstand.
  • Best Life
    Magazine Rack -- Issue Two
  • Martha Stewart Living
    Magazine Rack -- Issue One
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