• Ode
    Ode calls itself a magazine for "intelligent optimists." As a confirmed cynic, I would love to know what this means. Like Obama, I'm open to other points of view -- provided they don't conflict with my own. I'm a Gemini and ruled by the twins: Aggravation and Irritation. That's why I always carry Pepcid and Advil. As the Boy Scouts say: "be prepared."
  • Every Day With Rachael Ray
    It must be somewhat dicey to have a magazine named after you. In recent years, the crop of eponymous celebrity editors -- Oprah, Martha, Rosie -- has run the risk of alienating a certain percentage of would-be subscribers just for being who they are. And so it is with Rachael Ray, whom I've learned from informal polling engenders strong feelings -- both good and bad. I'm neither a fan nor a critic of her TV show, multiple book titles, and cookware line, so I approached the February issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray without bias....
  • Preservation
    Shakespeare said it best: "The past is prologue." It's a smart reminder that we can prepare for the future by understanding the past. We can also preserve it -- at least in architectural terms. To celebrate America's past, the National Trust for Historic Preservation publishes Preservation, an attractive, engaging bimonthly that appeals to architectural and American history buffs alike.
  • Reader's Digest
    Wonders of technology aside, some things in life just can't be improved upon: mashed potatoes made from scratch; a dozen red roses wrapped in green florist paper -- and the venerable Reader's Digest.
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