• WWE Magazine
    It's a popular assumption of non-wrestling fans (and possibly some old-school fans) that wrestling is fake, wrestlers and their fans are rednecks and dumber than a sandwich bag of hair, and that it's not a sport for those of the book learnin's. I'd like you to step into the ring with me and experience what I like to call "WWE Magazine will teach you..."
  • Fine Cooking
    I admit I approached the latest issue of Fine Cooking with some trepidation. I like to cook and I love eating at gourmet restaurants, but I was put off by what I perceived to be the highbrow title. I thought, best case scenario, I would laugh at ridiculously complicated recipes filled with impossible-to-find ingredients. Thankfully, the magazine's contents proved me wrong. It's sophisticated without being condescending. The recipes are out of the ordinary, but not out of reach even for beginners. The articles are delightfully written and you don't need a culinary degree to appreciate them.
  • Esquire
    Esquire is willing to employ new and innovative methods to sell issues, and that's no small task for print publications these days. But is it too 20th Century to suggest that blinking lights (yes, Esquire tried that with an E-Ink cover a few months back) can't do the work of excellent writing and artwork?
  • Plate
    The editors of Plate magazine have never met a pun they did not like. These guys might make the headline writers at the New York Post blush. The most recent pun-tastic edition of the trade bimonthly aimed at chefs and kitchen professionals -- The Sandwich Issue -- kicks things off right from the coverlines: "In Sandwiches We Crust" and "Taking a Crack at Egg Sandwiches."
  • Country Living
    The cover of Country Living features a porch chair for $59. If I had a porch, I wouldn't put out extra chairs. That would invite others to sit down. And talk. And spoil what every urbanite thinks the country offers: peace.
    It's been an action-packed 10 years since 1999, a decade that has seen everything from full-blown terrorist attacks to the sinking of New Orleans, from a President elected by the Supreme Court to a President whose father was born in Kenya. So you're forgiven if you failed to note that NYLON has now reached its tenth birthday. In magazine years, that means it's somewhere well into middle age -- an interesting turn of events for a publication targeting some subscribers who had barely started reading when it was launched.
  • Outdoor Life
    My concept of outdoors is the space between my apartment and a Broadway theater. Turns out, there's a whole lot of shakin' going on in nature. It's not just trees and grass and what passes for pastoral calm in Central Park. There are deer and turkeys and walleyes - and some of them may find their way onto your plate -- if Outdoor Life, the source for hunting and fishing adventure, has anything to say about it.
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