• Seventeen
    Seventeen began in 1944 -- and I'm doubtful if the wartime version pushed the cut line "Guys & Sex: What He's Too Embarrassed To Tell You." Turns out, what he's too embarrassed to tell you is he's intimidated. Since the boys interviewed were 17 and 18, that's understandable.
  • Success
    You know when it's 3:30 in the p.m., and time to say the heck with health guru Dr. Oz and his sermons about cruciferous veggies? You're drawn instead to a deli with a wall-full of chips and cookies that look better than the Super Bowl in 58-inch HD. That wealth of options calls to mind Success magazine (where Dr. Oz, incidentally, also has a health column). It's snackable content. There are no 8,000-word pieces about a genius solving spherical mathematical issues. No in-depth profiles about where Rahm Emanuel's power starts and stops.
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