• Chin
    Chin is Spanish for "a little bit." Its laudable editorial mission is to document Latin American lifestyle, bringing "neglected elements of popular culture from the fringe to the mainstream." I'm down, but please stop using phrases like "fusing arts, fashion, politics, language and intangible sensibilities." I don't know what "intangible sensibilities" are, but I'm pretty sure it's not a reading list from Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
  • Natural History
    Larry live-blogs his way through "boring nature gunk, presented boringly."
  • Teen People
    Speaking of the diminishing teen magazine market (and who isn't?) it came as a shock last week when Time Inc. announced the abrupt shuttering of the print version of Teen People. (The dear departed will continue to live a half life, digitally, on the Web.)
  • National Geographic Adventure
    For those who count the day wasted if they haven't dived off the cliffs of Kauai or swum with the sharks in the Great Barrier Reef, there is National Geographic Adventure. The cut line says it all: Dream It. Plan It. Do It. For the rest of us, just considering such aerobics is exhausting. NGA isn't armchair travel; it targets the slap-on-the-backpack, slip into Timberland Chukkas crowd. And they aren't disappointed.
  • Poets & Writers
    Oftentimes, I prefer bad writing to good writing. I'll take the chewing-gum-is-like -SO-totally-hard entries in Lindsay Lohan's journal over Philip Roth's 723rd Jewish-Identity-in-Modern-America tract. Thus I dove into the July/August issue of Poets & Writers fully expecting to be bored senseless by the Long-Faced Literati showcased therein. And yet I'd recommend Poets & Writers to anybody with even a cursory interest in the printed word -- serious-writer types as well as folks who read casually.
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