• Organic Spa
    Health is on everyone's mind. And by everyone, I mean everyone else. Advertisers. Magazines. Washington, D.C. So, with some trepidation, I picked up the premiere issue of Organic Spa. The cut lines are solid: "Live Green. Slow Down. Breathe Better. Eat Well." So far, I've accomplished Live. I'm also hip to the tag: "Spirit. Sustainability. Soul." In addition to life-affirming, it's a nifty alliteration. And the graphics help, starting with the calming cover.
  • Battle Of The Country Shelter Mags
    If, like Mag Racker Larry Dobrow in last week' s review of Home, you find it hard to tell all those shelter pubs apart, then get set for more confusion with this week's look at Country Home and Country Living -- both dedicated to the proposition that there can't be too much chintz in the world.
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