• Bookmarks
    Add Bookmarks to the dwindling list of venues -- -- digital or print -- that smartly discuss books and ideas. The 5-year-old bimonthly summarizes more than 500 reviews from over 50 major pubs. It's a digest for those obsessed with new books and a user-friendly way to keep informed -- and impress your friends.
  • Relish
    Between the coupon books and the Viva-Something-Or-Other "special advertising supplement," in my Sunday newspaper, I happened upon the June issue of Relish, which seeks to do for the kitchen what Parade does for semi-literacy. Much like its name -- It's a verb! It's a condiment! It's both! -- Relish is nicely multidimensional. It delivers the expected recipes, which are presented in the most moron-proof manner humanly possible. But it also attempts to convey local flavor, in the form of visits to regional festivals and comparable outings.
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