Marketing D2C Weekly Editions for April 2019
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, April 29, 2019
The Secret Of D2C Powerhouses? Equality, Intelligence, Honesty
Tentrr Expands Glamping To 33 States, Adds State Parks
Kohl's Steps Up Amazon Returns, Amazon Steps Into Your Garage
Dual-Housing: D2C Brands Combine Agency Expertise, In-House Lower-Funnel Smarts
4 Simple Principles Behind Going Viral
How First-Time Retailers (Like D2C Companies) Can Build Their Brand In-Store
4 Ways Next-Gen D2C Brands Can Crack Creative Marketing
Nothing Personal: Brands Lag In Personalization Despite Its Power
What Makes A Great Email Marketing Program?
What Legacy Retailers Can Learn From D2C's Move To Stores
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, April 22, 2019
Making Digital Edible: Hungryroot Pops Up For Real-Life Challenge
An Insufficient Label: The True Value Of D2C Brands
Partnering With Kidbox, Walmart Jumps Into Subscription Fray
The Dichotomy Of Consumer Shopping: Online Vs. In-Store
Parachute Launches First TV Campaign
Neiman Marcus, H&M Dive Into Secondhand Chic
Study: Personalization Important To Young Retail Shoppers
Brands Score When Syndicating Reviews
Tricky Outreach: Tactics For Reaching Out By Email
Tips For Building Your Email Subscriber List
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, April 15, 2019
Search Secrets Of D2C Beauty Brands
Rent The Runway, Newbie Unicorn, Targets Girls In Fashion Expansion
Direct-To-Consumer Shoppers Spend More Time Streaming TV Than On Social Media
For Gen Z, Nothing Beats Nike, Ulta, Vans, Chick-fil-A
Hidden Danger To D2C Marketing: Fake 'Lookalikes'
The Content Writer's Shtick: How To Engage Email Readers
Email Budgets Are Going Up For Almost 46%
Retail AI Spending Projected To Hit $12 Billion
Four In Five Use Instagram To Find New Products And Services
Social Climbing: SMBs Now Choose That Channel Over Email
Living Dangerously: Few Firms Have A Plan For Cyber Attacks
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, April 8, 2019
Hermes Cozies Up To D2C Lifestyle Stores
Amazon Lockers Makes It Handy For Coachella-Goers To Keep Stocked
Best Media For Modern D2C Brands? Old-Fashioned Radio
Solving For Polygamy: Brand Loyalty In D2C Economy
3 Pitfalls D2C Brands Should Avoid When Launching TV Campaigns
4 Tips For A Winning Branded Podcast
Why Ecommerce Remains Crucial In Driving Growth
Who Do You Trust? Email Newsletters Beat Social Media In Study
Worrywarts: Consumers Don't Trust Brands With Their Data
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, April 1, 2019
Has Lululemon Perfected The D2C Balancing Act?
Walmart Expands Digital Furniture Offers With New Drew Barrymore Line
Forrester Names Top Retail Apps: Home Depot, Sephora, Walmart
D2C Brands Know They Must Get Past Creative Egos For Ads That Work
Will Mass Customization Disrupt Mass Media?
Using Humor To Stand Out From The Crowd
Email Sensitivity Training: Avoid Hurting Consumers' Feelings In Messages
Shoppers Don't Wake Up With 'Intent'
Casper Makes Big Gains In Revenue, May Consider IPO