Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for February 2018
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018
Brands Dumping NRA See Backlash From Republican Voters, Net Increase From Dems
Dick's Dumps Assault-Style Rifles, Won't Sell To Under-21
As #BoycottNRA Gains Steam, Millennials Emerge As Key Riddle
Happiness Is A Warm Gun Lobby: NRA Uses Owned Media To Attack America's News Media
Some Brands Stick With NRA Despite Pressure
Trump Campaign Uses Photo Of Shooting Survivor In Fund-Raising Email
Study: Community Tweets Illustrate Negative View Of Press
The New Yorker Intros Video 'Interview,' Calls Mueller Expectations 'Inflated'
EU's High Court Asked To Decide: Is Gmail A Telecom?
GDPR Study Shows 65% Of Companies Unable To Comply
Google Discloses 2.4 Million 'Right To Be Forgotten' Requests, Acts On 43%
SCOTUS Sympathetic To Government In Microsoft Case
Federal Lawmakers Introduce Measure To Restore Net Neutrality
String Theories: Acapulco Crypto Gold
How About A TV Moratorium On Trump's Tweets?
Did Comcast Just Try To Eat Murdoch For Breakfast?
When You Absolutely, Positively Have To Do Something
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018
Facebook's Goldman Calls Russian Ads A Nothingburger, Turns Into A 'Shit Sandwich'
Fear-based Gun Sales Stall
Twitter Remains Rife With Russian Provocateurs
Trump Sources Facebook Ad Exec As Proof Russia Didn't Meddle
AI Could Spread Fake News And Launch Missile Attacks, UK Researchers Warn
Punchy President Whacks Winfrey
Global Malware Report Confirms Prevalence, Role Of Advertising
Can A Game Teach People About Fake News?
CMOs Eschew Politically Charged Issues, Mostly
Belgian Court Threatens Facebook Over Privacy Concerns
The Damage of AMI's Dirty Deals
Trump Campaign Sends President's Day Sale Email
Three Billboards Outside Rubio Headquarters
Fox To Start OTT Opinion-Oriented Fox Nation
AT&T Not Entitled To White House Communications About Time Warner Merger
String Theories: We're Living In Cass Sunstein's World, Get Used To It
The Gun Debate: A Marketing Battle
Short-Sightedness, Sharks And Mental Myopia
2018 Might Not Be Facebook's Year
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018
Assessing The Threat Of Ad Tech
Kremlin Has Deep Ties To Global Grassroots News Organization
House Democrats Demand Answers From FCC About Fake Net Neutrality Comments
'Colbert' Gains In Late Night As Political Comedy Reigns
Trump Administration Wants To Cut Public TV Funding -- What About Other TV Deals?
P.R. Genius Kim Jong-un Hijacks Olympics
White House Drama, Omarosa Style: Better Than Reality TV
Forrester: North Americans Most GDPR Compliant, Europeans Least
Unilever Marketing Exec Tells Platforms To Clean Up Their Act
AI Seen As Becoming Billions Of Times Smarter Than Humans
Cybersecurity Called 'Greatest Concern' At Senate Hearing
Facebook Vows To Defeat Extremism After Unilever Boycott Threat
Unilever Threatens To Pull Ads From Facebook, Google
How Did Hackers Get To Newtek Domains?
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018
NFL Ratings Slide 10%, Anthem Protests Cited
How 'Computational Propaganda' Is Warping American Hearts & Mind
Majority Of Both Parties Sensitive To Brand Support Of Political Issues, 'Wall' Most Divisive
Jersey Congressman Hit For Fundraising Total Email
Data Suggests NFL Losing Young Fans
U.S. Bureau Reduces Scale Of Equifax Probe
No Surprise: Trump's A Looney 'Toon In New Colbert Series
Hawaii Becomes Fourth State To Require Net Neutrality
Are Freemason Lodges Operating Within Westminster?
New Yorker's 'Blowhard' Named Magazine Cover Of The Year
Freedom of The Press Foundation Launches Email Newsletter
FCC Finds Broadband Deployment 'Reasonable And Timely'
"#MeToo," Nonprofit Journalism Loom Large As ASME Finalists
NJ Governor Imposes Net Neutrality Rules
Google And Others Prepare For GDPR And 'Drag' On Advertising, Ecommerce
Canadian Firms Far From Ready For GDPR: Study
Don't Panic -- GDPR Rights Are Nearly Identical To Today's