Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for November 2019
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019
'Well, Ambassador And Mr. Morrison, I Have Some Bad News For You'
Google, Tech Companies Dance Around Data Requests From Congressional Antitrust Query
Cable Industry Urges Court To Block Drug Price Disclosure Mandate
Political Ads Convert 10 Times Better Than Run-Of-The-Mill Ads For Advertisers, Publishers, Study Shows
Facebook Undermines Location-Privacy Preferences, Senators Suggest
Facebook Seeks Dismissal Of Location Privacy Class-Action
Senate Democrats Propose Privacy Framework, Call For Do-Not-Track
Most Americans Support Public Access To Local News, But Are Divided On Funding
Hey Google, Play Me Some News
Mobile Emerges As America's Go-To News Device, Especially For Younger, More Affluent Consumers
Proposed Debate Between FedEx CEO And 'NYT' Publisher Will Never Happen
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Nov. 15, 2019
Congressional Hearings Once Made A Splash, But Not Anymore
President Live Tweets Witness Intimidation, Adds Third Ring To Impeachment Media Circus
First Day Of Public Impeachment Hearings Delivers 13.8 Million Viewers
Fox News Scores Best Overall Day One Impeachment Views, ABC Tops In 25-54 Viewers
Spam Won't Get You Elected: Presidential Hopefuls Flunk Email Marketing 101, Study Shows
Democrats Press FCC To Crack Down On Carriers Over Privacy
Keep The Politics In Corporate Ads
Boris Backing Corbyn? Brands Will Need Strong Ethics When Deepfakes Target Businesses
ANA, Pharmas Ask Court To Uphold Block On Prescription-Price Disclosure Mandate
Volkswagen Partners With The Conservation Fund
'Politico' Founder Allbritton Plans Tech Website Amid Crowded Field
Feds Eye Google's Massive Health-Data Project, Lawmakers Roused
New Impeachment Podcast From 'NYT,' 'Quartz Japan' Launches
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Nov. 8, 2019
Cover Story: The Impeachment Of You Know Who
Facebook Reportedly Mulls Curbs On Microtargeted Political Ads
Ex-Twitter Staffers Accused Of Spying For Saudia Arabia
Thank You For The Information
Survey: Consumers Want Brands To Take Political Stands
Should TV Journalists Question Political Ads On Their Shows?
Fake News Runs Rampant On Facebook As 2020 Election Looms
'The Washington Post' To Publish Illustrated Book On Mueller Report
How Online Advertising Could Help Win 2020 Election
McClatchy Launches 'Impact2020,' 'Morning Brew' To Offer Election Newsletter