Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for August 2020
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2020
In Joe We Trust: The Other Guy, Not So Much
President's Digital Trade War With China Could Take Billions More Out Of The U.S. Ad Market
Report: TikTok Preparing To Sue Trump
TikTok Tracked User Data For 15 Months, WSJ Finds
Awareness Of Brands Helping With Crisis Falls To Lowest Point Since Beginning Of Pandemic
'O, The Oprah Magazine' Puts Breonna Taylor Portrait On 26 Billboards
TV Now: A Midsummer Day's Rant
How Did Facebook Boycotters Spend Their July Budgets?
Disney, Viacom, Others Will Limit Data Collection To Settle Children's Privacy Battle
Dystopia As A Leitmotif? It's All Part Of The Zeitgeist
Facebook Expands Content Ban To Include Blackface, Jewish Stereotypes
Facebook Cites COVID-19 For Slow Response To Remove Misinformation, Hate Speech, Terrorism Posts
Ban On Data Caps Is 'Outdated,' Charter Tells FCC
Fox News Launching Paid, Live Streamer For International Users
Report: 80% Of Americans Want Brands To Take Action On Racism
Report: Facebook Hotbed For QAnon Conspiracy Theories
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020
Facebook Sued Over 'Russia State-Controlled Media' Label
When Someone Shows You Who They Are, Believe Them The First Time: #IIWII
Twitter Could Take $250M Hit From New FTC Allegation of Data Misuse For Ad Targeting
Publicis' Tom Goodwin, Opponent Of Cancel Culture, Falls Victim To It
Playing Fast And Loose With The Truth
Embattled TikTok Embraces American Democracy
With The Clock Ticking, Why Does Microsoft Want TikTok Anyway?
Monopolies Suck, Even In The Digital Marketplace
Facebook Finally Removes Trump Misinformation
Pol Accused Of Misusing Catholic Email List
FTC Lacks Authority To Police Platforms' Content Moderation Policies, Simons Says
Trump Likes To Claim 'Everyone Knows.' The Marketing Catch: Everyone Doesn't
FCC Seeks Comments On Trump Request To Crack Down On Social Media
Bleach, Disinfectant Sales Power Clorox's Q4 Earnings
Trump Rescinds Renomination Of Republican FCC Commissioner
Trump: Microsoft Should Pay U.S. Per TikTok Deal
Trump Admin Asks Judge To Throw Out Lawsuit Challenging Attempted Social Media Crackdown
Arming The Militias
New Bill Would Restrict Companies From Collecting Or Selling Faceprints
Sinclair Revenues Up 66%, But Sports Revenue Remains Weak