Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for August 2020
Marketing Politics Weekly - Friday, Aug. 28, 2020
TV Audience Drops For RNC's Third Night, Trails DNC Average
'I Could Stand In The Middle Of The South Lawn And Shoot Holes In The People's House'
Trump's Social Media Crackdown Violates Free Speech, Voter Groups Say
Defund Facebook: The Machine Fueling Ad Industry Demand For Change
Virtual GOP, Night 3: Star-Spangled Pence
TikTok Bid: Walmart Reportedly Teams Up With Microsoft
'National Enquirer' Needs Investment To Rebound From Pecker Era
Let's Hold Ad Platforms 'Strictly Liable' When They Sell Fraudulent Ads
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020
Day 2 Of The RNC Is The First 2020 Convention Coverage To Beat 2016 Ratings
NBA Playoffs Stopped On Wednesday After Blake Shooting, TNT Airings Cancelled
The Mother Of All Tuckers: How Shocked Are We That The Fox News Host Defends Armed Vigilantism?
Networks Devote Half Again More Coverage To RNC Vs. DNC
Defund Facebook: The Machine Fueling Ad Industry Demand For Change
Biden Vs. Trump: Ad Media Spend Could Have A Similar Outcome As In 2016
TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer Exits After 3 Politically Charged Months
Xandr Intros Programmatic Political Buys Across WarnerMedia Digital
'National Enquirer' Needs Investment To Rebound From Pecker Era
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2020
The Irony Throne: First Lady Uses Rose Garden To Troll All Former First Ladies, The Media Too
Amid A Postal Crisis, Biden Campaign Says It's Relying Heavily On Snail Mail
DNC Wins First Night Of Convention Ratings, But Has Greater Rate Of Erosion From 2016
CNN Donkey And Elephant Campaign Aims To Drive TV Viewership Through Social
Buying Biden: Politics Is About To Eat The Internet
Virtual RNC First Night Scores 17 Million Viewers -- Down 14% From Same DNC Night
COVID-19 Inspires Gripping Campus News Coverage
Marketing Politics Weekly - Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2020
American Carnies: Why The RNC's Running Joke Rhymes With #Coke
Virtual GOP, Night 1: Republicans Come Out Swinging
Millions Are Earmarked For TV Political Ads - But Where?
Lunya Urges Women To Vote In Bed
GOP's Convention Goal: Making Trump Great Again
Biden, The DNC, UGC
Twitter Flags Trump Tweet About Voting Mail Drop Boxes
How Political Views Of College Students Influence Their Media Consumption
The Answer? The Undecideds!
TikTok To File Suit Against Trump, Possibly Today, As GOP Convention Kicks Off
iHeartPodcast Network, Gingrich 360 Sign Multi-Year Deal
Ta-Nehisi Coates Guest Edits 'Vanity Fair' September Issue
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020
The Answer Is Yes, It's Supposed To Be A Bad Thing
Facebook Steps Up Action Against QAnon, Other Dangerous Fringe Groups
Dems Kick Off 2 Weeks Of Subdued Conventions
Virtual Dems, Night 2: From Sea To Shining Sea And Beyond
Virtual Dems, Night 3: Kamala Makes Her Case
Let's Give Our Work Teams Election Day Off
Facebook Sued For 'Censoring' Posts About Vaccines
MSNBC Tops DNC Virtual Event For Day 2, Biden, Trump Ramp Up National TV Buys
Volkswagen Van Spreads Voting Message
Levi's PSA Preps Gen Z for Suppression: 'Vote Anyway'
Two Hispanic Marketing Luminaries Sign On To Make The Case For Biden
White House Seeks New Hearing In Battle Over Journalist's Press Pass
Trump Tells Supreme Court He Has Right To Block Critics
Vice Releases USPS-Focused Newsletter, Magazine
3 Lessons From The TikTok Controversy
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2020
In Joe We Trust: The Other Guy, Not So Much
President's Digital Trade War With China Could Take Billions More Out Of The U.S. Ad Market
Report: TikTok Preparing To Sue Trump
TikTok Tracked User Data For 15 Months, WSJ Finds
Awareness Of Brands Helping With Crisis Falls To Lowest Point Since Beginning Of Pandemic
'O, The Oprah Magazine' Puts Breonna Taylor Portrait On 26 Billboards
TV Now: A Midsummer Day's Rant
How Did Facebook Boycotters Spend Their July Budgets?
Disney, Viacom, Others Will Limit Data Collection To Settle Children's Privacy Battle
Dystopia As A Leitmotif? It's All Part Of The Zeitgeist
Facebook Expands Content Ban To Include Blackface, Jewish Stereotypes
Facebook Cites COVID-19 For Slow Response To Remove Misinformation, Hate Speech, Terrorism Posts
Ban On Data Caps Is 'Outdated,' Charter Tells FCC
Fox News Launching Paid, Live Streamer For International Users
Report: 80% Of Americans Want Brands To Take Action On Racism
Report: Facebook Hotbed For QAnon Conspiracy Theories
Marketing Politics Weekly - Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020
Facebook Sued Over 'Russia State-Controlled Media' Label
When Someone Shows You Who They Are, Believe Them The First Time: #IIWII
Twitter Could Take $250M Hit From New FTC Allegation of Data Misuse For Ad Targeting
Publicis' Tom Goodwin, Opponent Of Cancel Culture, Falls Victim To It
Playing Fast And Loose With The Truth
Embattled TikTok Embraces American Democracy
With The Clock Ticking, Why Does Microsoft Want TikTok Anyway?
Monopolies Suck, Even In The Digital Marketplace
Facebook Finally Removes Trump Misinformation
Pol Accused Of Misusing Catholic Email List
FTC Lacks Authority To Police Platforms' Content Moderation Policies, Simons Says
Trump Likes To Claim 'Everyone Knows.' The Marketing Catch: Everyone Doesn't
FCC Seeks Comments On Trump Request To Crack Down On Social Media
Bleach, Disinfectant Sales Power Clorox's Q4 Earnings
Trump Rescinds Renomination Of Republican FCC Commissioner
Trump: Microsoft Should Pay U.S. Per TikTok Deal
Trump Admin Asks Judge To Throw Out Lawsuit Challenging Attempted Social Media Crackdown
Arming The Militias
New Bill Would Restrict Companies From Collecting Or Selling Faceprints
Sinclair Revenues Up 66%, But Sports Revenue Remains Weak