Publishers Daily Editions for June 2022
Publishers Daily - Thursday, June 30, 2022
Study Offers Revealing Stats About Independent Content Creators
Author Michael Clinton, 'Men's Health,' Host Panel On Lifetime Longevity
California May Allow Users To Sue Social Media For Addictive Design Features
Social Influencers Sway Consumer Purchase Decisions
Analysts Have More Somber News For Online Advertising Industry
Bounceback Bounty: The Rates Are Going Up Even As Engagement Improves, Study Says
Publishers Daily - Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Audit Agency BPA Worldwide Names New CEO, Evolves Along With Industry
Future's 'Golf Monthly' Brand Reports Record Ecommerce Sales
Cultural Transformation: Why CMOs Aren't Solving a Decades Old Problem
Lower Consumer Confidence Dampens Enthusiasm For Big Purchases
72% Of U.S. Travelers Choose Destination Based On Personalized Ad
Study: Gen Z Prefers Social Media To Email And Phone When Buying
Publishers Daily - Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Supreme Court Decides Not To Revisit Libel Standards -- For Now
2 Filmmakers Cooperate With Jan. 6 Committee, While Another Declines
The Most Used Subject Lines In Phishing Emails
Republican Senators Warn Of TikTok's 'Serious Security Risks'
Video Games Expand Role As Popular Pastime With Each Generation
Let's Go To Video: Consumers Worldwide Say It Helps Them Shop Online
The State Of Senior Spending Power
Google To Pay Wikipedia For Content In Search, Knowledge Panel
Publishers Daily - Monday, June 27, 2022
Content Marketing Conundrum
Report: Poynter Sets Up Legal Defense Fund For Fact-Checkers
Roe V. Wade Decision To Change The Way Marketers Advertise
An Early Look At Email Marketing For The Holidays
How Brands Can Fight Inflation
SCOTUS Reversals Ultimately Up To Voters, As Well As Ye Old American Media
Companies Missing Key Steps In Privacy Compliance
Publishers Daily - Friday, June 24, 2022
'NYT' Continues Intensive Coverage From Front Lines Of Semafor Launch
B2B Publisher To Provide Content-Marketing Services
Amazon's Prime Day Shopping Event Drives Gains In Retail Media Spending
Gen Z Frustrated By Vehicle-Buying Experience
Privacy Umbrella: Most Firms Prefer One Big Federal Law
House Panel Advances Opt-In Privacy Bill
How Brands Can Maximize First-Party Data To Create Virtuous Loyalty Cycle
Publishers Daily - Thursday, June 23, 2022
The Sometimes Awkward, Sometimes Cool Ways Print Mags Cross Digital Divide
140-Year Family Ownership Ends For Kentucky Newspaper
How Will Brands Measure Ad Performance In The Metaverse? A Conversation With Frank Zazza
Kraft Subtly Rebrands A Classic
Judge: Dominion Voting Can Sue Fox Corp, As Well As Fox News, For Defamation
Is Bias Always A Bad Thing?
White Castle Celebrates Summer Solstice, Late Night Cravings
When Turmoil Catalyzes Disruption: Why 2022 Is The Great Unmasking
Publishers Daily - Wednesday, June 22, 2022
Is 'NYT' Missing Revenue Opportunity With Wordle?
Forget Digital Vs. Print -- This Media Startup Lives Only In The Metaverse
GroupM To Publish Industry Standard For Media Decarbonization, Plans To Make Buys Based On It
'Journal Of Advertising Research' Names New Editor-in-Chief
Time Spent With Digital Media Spurs Rapid Growth In Ad Revenue
Q&A: The Changing Economics Of Brand Value
Meta Revamps Targeting System For Housing, Employment And Credit Ads
Microsoft, Meta And Others Create Metaverse Standards Forum
Publishers Daily - Tuesday, June 21, 2022
For Informa, 2 Bright Spots: B2B Media Growth, Return Of Live Events
GovExec Buys CJIS Group, Provider Of Procurement Data
People Working At Home Remain On Email Into The Night: Study
Florida And Tech Industry Want SCOTUS To Review Social Media 'Censorship' Law
CMOs Worry Most About Privacy Issues, Complex Media Landscape
To Infinity And Beyond: Disney's 'Lightyear' Opens Big, Adds To Box-Office Surge
OK, I'm Back -- But Just For One Day
Publishers Daily - Monday, June 20, 2022
The Media's Role In Commemorating Juneteenth
Dotdash Meredith Launches 'Kindred,' Web Destination For Black Parents
McKinsey Values Metaverse At $5T Economy By 2030, As Much As $206B From Advertising
Amazon Announces Prime Days
Spotify Survived Joe Rogan Controversy
Embracing The Unknown: Delta Faucet's Digital Maven's Motto For Success
Publishers Daily - Friday, June 17, 2022
Ratings Agency: Social Platforms Act As 'Useful Idiots' For Propagandists
TMB Selects Unruly As Preferred SSP, Amid Strong CTV Viewership
The Juneteenth Wake-Up Call: Why Brands Still Get It Wrong
PSA Shows Horrors Of Ukraine War
Retail Media Forecast To Hit $85 Billion In Ad Sales By 2024
CMOs Receive High Grades From CEOs, Despite Revolving Door
Resurrecting A Renowned Resort
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