• Reports: Facebook Readying Autoplay Video Ads
    Facebook is planning to introduce a new video ad unit next year that would run in the news feed, according to reports Tuesday. By April, the company will begin offering autoplay video ads in both the desktop version of the social network as well as in Facebook phone and tablet apps, according to an Ad Age report, citing industry executives briefed by Facebook. A subsequent post by the blog Inside Facebook confirmed that story, citing a source with knowledge of Facebook’s plans. Facebook itself declined to comment on the reports Tuesday. A new video ad offering …
  • Pubmatic Calls For 'Multi-Bid RTB'
    Sales-side platform PubMatic this morning released a white paper championing the development of a " multi-bid RTB environment." The paper asserts that a multi-bid marketplace would benefit the programmatic audience-buying industry by "delivering more relevant ads served as a result of more informed ad allocation decisions. Buyers would have a better chance of realizing their budgets and reducing lost opportunity scenarios. And premium publishers would receive maximum monetization for each ad sold due to higher-volume demand."
  • Fandango Names ABC Exec As CMO
    Movie ticketing and content site Fandango has named Adam Rockmore as vice president of marketing. An ABC network veteran, Rockmore was most recently SVP, marketing for ABC Daytime and SOAPnet, and has previously led marketing for ABC News. His background also includes serving as VP, marketing, e-commerce and public relations at Food Network. At Fandango he will oversee the marketing group and report directly to president Paul Yanover. He joins the company as it releases its first original video series, “The Frontrunners,” a celebrity interview show hosted by Dave Karger. NBC Universal-owned Fandango this year has also expanded its …
  • CR: Nexus 10 On Par With iPad
    When Google launched the 10.1-inch Nexus 10 in early November, it made its bid to go head-to-head with the category-leading iPad. Sure, Google also released an updated Nexus 7 tablet, but could it hang with Apple when it came to a full-size tablet? According to Consumer Reports, the answer is “yes.” In its latest tablet ratings, the consumer guide said the Nexus 10 was the first device to match the iPad among Wi-Fi only models. The Google device actually scored 1 point higher than the iPad. “At $400, the 16GB Nexus 10 costs $100 less than a comparably configured fourth-generation …
  • Nielsen's Calhoun Re. Aribtron's Radio 'Currency' Status: 'We Like Their Market Position'
    One of the implications of Nielsen's proposed acquisition of Arbitron raises for the ad industry, and potentially antitrust regulators, isn't just the consolidation of two dominant media research suppliers, but two suppliers of media transaction "currency" data.
  • Nielsen's Calhoun To Radio: 'We Like You, We Really Like You'
    Nielsen Chief David Calhoun says the "No. 1 question" Nielsen had to ask before doing the deal to acquire Aribtron, was whether it likes and "believes" in radio's prospect as a long-term media player. "We like this medium," Calhoun said, adding, "We really like everything about it." Part of the reason for liking it, is the fact that Nielsen will effectively add two hours of consumer media consumption (for radio) each day to the seven hours it measures daily for television. That's 11 hours daily of a consumer's 24-hour day, not including all the other stuff Nielsen measures.
  • Nielsen's Calhoun: One Likely New Product Is 'Arbitron Catalina'
    One obvious new prodcut that will come out of the Nielsen/Arbitron merger will be the integration of single-source radio measurement service vis a vis Nielsen's joint venture with Catalina Marketing. Nielsen Chief David Calhoun said that was a likely expansion that would occur following the merger, noting that the Nielsen Catalina joint venture currently integrates Catalina's product consumption data with Nielsen's TV audience measurement data, and that it would be a lotical extension to do the same thing with Arbitron's radio audience measurement data.
  • Nielsen Chief: No Client Is Looking For Radio/TV Cross-Platform (Did Anyone Ask ESPN?)
    Asked by a securities analyst how Nielsen and Aribtron would integrate their respective "cross-platform" services, Nielsen Chief David Calhoun said, "There's nothing to integrate. The cross-platform discussion gets quite confused. There's really no cleint I know that is looking for radio/TV cross-platform integration." Um, what about ESPN, which commissioned Arbitron and comScore to develop a cross-platform measurement service covering five media, including radio? "The real value to this project from a media buying perspective is that the way consumers are using media will now be reflected in the way advertisers can invest in media," Ed Erhardt, president of ESPN Global …
  • Noteworthy Details Of Nielsen/Arbitron Deal: Global, Multicultural
    The big upside from Nielsen's acquisition of Arbitron are Nielsen's ability to "immediately" gain two hours of consumer media consumption each day (ie. radio), Nielsen Chief David Calhoun said, noting that Arbitron would also benefit by being able to expand its radio audience measurement services through Nielsen's global infrastructure.
  • Nielsen's acquisition of Arbitron is valued at $1.3 billion.
    Nielsen's acquisition of Arbitron is valued at $1.3 billion.
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