• Court Reverses Itself, Says Amazon's Search Results Don't Infringe Trademark
    Amazon doesn't infringe watch manufacturer Multi-Time Machine's trademark by returning links to different brands, like Luminox and Chase-Durer, in response to searches for Multi-Time Machine, a divided panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said on Wednesday. The decision reversed an earlier appellate ruling in the same case. That earlier ruling, issued in July, said Amazon potentially infringed trademark by causing so-called "initial interest confusion," which the judges described as confusion that "creates initial interest in a competitor's product." The tech companies Google, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, eBay and Yahoo criticized the earlier decision, arguing that Amazon shouldn't have to …
  • Google Book Scanning Project Protected By Fair Use, Appeals Court Says
    Handing Google a victory, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals said on Friday that the company's book scanning project is protected by fair use principles
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