• Analyst: LinkedIn To Monetize Mobile In 2013
    In her latest Internet trends report yesterday, Mary Meeker made the argument that mobile monetization could outstrip that on the desktop in as little as one to three years. But she acknowledged it’s not there now, with companies such as Pandora, Zynga and Tencent still reaping much less revenue from mobile than the desktop despite fast-growing mobile audiences. Add LinkedIn to that group. In its first-quarter conference call, the professional network said mobile now accounts for about 22% of its member visit. To tap into that activity, LinkedIn in April released its first official iPad app to go with …
  • Microsoft To Enable Do-Not-Track By Default In IE10
    Microsoft said today that it will release its next version of its browser with do-not-track enabled by default.
  • Nanigans Adds 'Action' Targeting On Facebook
    Facebook marketing firm Nanigans has launched a new service that allows marketers to target actions shared from Open Graph apps on the social network such as “read,” “watch,” “listen,” and “play.” Facebook introduced the ability for people to use these and other embedded verbs to tell others what they’re doing with the rollout of the Timeline feature last year. Since then, more than 3,000 Open Graph, or Timeline, apps have been rolled out from companies and brands including Spotify, Pinterest, Fandango and Foursquare. By targeting audiences by action, a Nanigans study found campaigns can increase click-through rates 2.25 times and …
  • Pew: Twitter Use Up Among Young Adults
    The use of Twitter in the U.S. has remained steady over the last year, with 15% of online adults using the microblogging service as of February 2012 compared to 13% in May 2011. The main exception to that trend has been young adults (18-24), nearly a third (31%) of who now use Twitter, up from 18% a year ago and 16% in late 2010. The findings come from new data released Thursday by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. Twitter use by those in their mid-20s to mid-40s largely leveled off in the last year after …
  • Half of Mobile Video Watching At Home
    More than half (52%) of all video watched on mobile devices is done at home, with viewership peaking during TV primetime hours, according to a new study by Frank N. Magid Associates commissioned by Tremor Video. People are also watching more than YouTube clips and sports highlights, with long-form video now accounting for 40% of video viewing on smartphones each week. Online video consumption has increased 38% overall in the past year, and a 35% on smartphones. Tablets, not surprisingly, are driving at-home video watching. The study found 85% of tablet viewers are using their devices while watching TV. …
  • History makes history with "Hatfields & McCoys"
    The hits keep on coming for cable network History. The first night of its three-night “Hatfields & McCoys” miniseries -- starting on Memorial Day -- posted a historically big 13.9 million viewers during its original airing for the network. That is the highest watched non-sports TV show for ad-supported cable networks ever. Adding in repeats of the miniseries History pulled in 17 million viewers. The show also scored big in demos -- 5.8 million among adults 25-54 and 4.8 million with adults 18-49.
  • Netflix To Revise Data Retention Practices To Settle Privacy Lawsuit
    Netflix has agreed to change the way it retains information about customers in order to settle a class-action privacy lawsuit, according to court papers filed on Friday. The settlement, which is still awaiting approval, also requires Netflix to pay around $6.75 million to various privacy organizations and up to $2.25 million to the lawyers who sued the company.
  • Yahoo Kills Livestand App
    Yahoo is pulling the plug on Livestand, the digital newsstand app for the iPad it finally launched only six months ago after a long development period. The company said it was discontinuing Livestand as part of a broader plan to scrap about 50 non-performing properties outlined during its first-quarter conference call. Livestand entered a crowded field in the newsreader category, with competing apps from the likes of Zinio, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Flipboard and Pulse. Despite positive feedback and a four-star rating in the App Store, “we committed ourselves to continuously measure and scrutinize what’s working and what isn’t,” stated …
  • What Makes Brand Advocates Share?
    About 50% of U.S. Internet users recommend a brand, product or service because they have a good experience with it, according to the eMarketer study released Friday called "Brand Advocates: Scaling Social Media Word-of-Mouth." Some 37% want to help others by sharing the information, 8% said they recommend the brand product or service when asked their opinion, and 4% either want others to know they are knowledge about the product or get incentives for doing so.
  • Twitter Supports Do Not Track, Updates Privacy Policy
    Twitter has begun to rollout to some users a suggestions feature based on recent visits to Web sites that integrate Twitter buttons or widgets. The feature works by suggesting people who are frequently followed by other Twitter users who visit the same Web sites. The move prompted the company to update its privacy policy by providing more details about the information it collects and how it's used to deliver services. Twitter receives information through various Web sites, SMS, APIs, email notifications, applications, buttons, and widgets. Twitter also notes several ways to set preferences that limit, modify or remove the information …
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