Search Marketing Daily Editions for April 2017
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, April 14, 2017
Facebook Follows Google, Steps Up Efforts To Stop Spam, Fake News
Tax Time Shows Shifts In Online Behavior, Device Use
Google Sister Co. Verily Introduces Health Watch
Craigslist Awarded $60 Million Over Scraped Real Estate Listings
Google Debuts Style Ideas To Augment Fashion Searchs
Google Extends WebVR To Most Smartphones; Agency Exec Lauds New Voice 'Experiments'
Google Searches Reveal Auto Trends
Strategy, Not Execution, Optimizes Content Marketing
Sweep Up Returns On Promoted Pins About Spring Cleaning
Google Buys Land Under Sports Page Bar & Grill
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 13, 2017
CRM, Platform Data Don't Add Up, Inconsistencies Abound
Yext Begins Trading On NYSE, Challenge Is To Stay Profitable
Gen Zers Are Savvy Ad Blockers
Will Artificial Intelligence Make Email Marketers Obsolete?
Burger King TV Spot Triggers Home Voice Assistant, Until Google Shuts It Down
Another List Of Powerful Media People -- And I'm Not On It
Marketing-Mix Modeling Doesn't Go Far Enough To Solve The Attribution Riddle
Mobile App Surge Is An Opportunity, But Not For The Reason You Think
If Content Remains King Of TV Advertising, Will Audience Or Performance Be Queen?
Google Does Home-Delivery In India
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Google Advances In Near-Me Searches Prove Most Influential
Burger King TV Spot Triggers Google Home Voice Searches
Mondelez Hires Search Firm, Could Replace CEO
Google Launches AutoDraw, Site Reaches Max Serving Capacity
Google Books Drags After Court Victory
Google and Facebook, The Duopoly
Twitter Considers New Revenue Streams
Mobile-First Is No Longer A Term, It's An Ad Spend Fact
The Future Of Social: Crowd-Sourcing And Artificial Intelligence
In Luxury Auto, Dealers Must Be Data-driven
Google Adds New Notification Option
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Google Wants To Use Your Device To Train Its Artificial Intelligence
Google Publishes Response To Gender Pay Gap Accusation
Users 46 To 60 View Mobile As Essential Tool
Contact Lens Seller Harmed Search Engines And Consumers, Government Argues
The Ecommerce Secret Weapon You Haven't Heard Of
We're Becoming Intellectually 'Obese'
Two For The Road : Samsonite And eBags
Republicans Now Say FCC Should Police Broadband Privacy
Russia Reaches 100-Company Goal For 'Google Tax'
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, April 10, 2017
35% Of Retailers Increasingly View Amazon As A Threat
Google Similar Image Search Launches For Mobile
Facebook Expands On Video Metrics In Page Insights
Advertiser Perceptions Launches Portal: Expands Into General Ad Issues, Trends, Big Picture
Nielsen Receives MRC Accreditation For Viewable GRP Demos In Digital Ad Ratings
7 Things Omni-Channel Marketers Need To Get Right
Beacon Use Gives Retailers An Edge With Shoppers
P&G's Marc Pritchard Buys Lots Of Advertising, And He's Not Happy With Digital
Search Marketing Daily - Friday, April 7, 2017
Google Maps Guidelines Aim To Keep Fake Listings Off Web
Google To Fact-Check, Flag 'Fake News' In Search Results
YouTube Won't Serve Ads To Channels With Less Than 10,000 Views
Microsoft Reveals Long List Of Data It Collects
IPG Mediabrands Acquires Majority Stake in Finland's Virta
Facebook Helps Users Spot "Fake News"
Google Takes A Step Forward With Marketing Mix Model Program
Locking The Door And Leaving The Window Open
FCC Chairman Readies Net Neutrality Repeal
Search Marketing Daily - Thursday, April 6, 2017
Next Programmatic Phase Needs Checks, Balances Like Search Advertising
Google Inks Deal With comScore To Improve Brand Safety
Gen Z Favors Humor In Ads, Big On Cinema Ads
Build America Mutual Finds Ad Data Identifying Niche Audience
Poor-Quality Ads Cost U.S. Marketers $7.4 Billion
Nielsen Says 'Hello' To Artificial Intelligence
Audience Measurement Struggles To Keep Up With Changing Viewing Behavior
Adobe Adds Another Brand-Safety Vendor To Its Advertising Cloud
Google's Multicultural Marketing Forum Ups The Game For Hispanic Market Researchers
The First AI Acquisition Over $1B -- WAY Over
Google Brings In Third-Party Search To Its Cloud Services
The Digital Ad Industry Is In A Reflectve Mode
Search Marketing Daily - Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Consumers Confused About Artificial Intelligence
Lotame, Are You A Human Exclusive Partnership Scans For Bots Before Campaigns Run
Google Play Games Services Dropping iOS Support
HomeAdvisor Invests $100 Million In Advertising With Upbeat Ads
A Deep Look Into Google's Largest Quality Crisis
Google Groks Generation Z
Google's Extremist Video Detecting Tech Easily Tricked, Researchers Say
Facebook Fails Legal Test
News Corp. Boss Blasts Platforms On Real, Fake News
Senate Democrats Press Broadband Carriers On Privacy
White House Wants To Collect Social Media Passwords From All Visitors To U.S.
Search Marketing Daily - Tuesday, April 4, 2017
One-Third Of Marketers Still Struggle With How To Use Data
Google Is Training Computers To Spot Extremism Better
Verizon Takes Oath To Market, Creates Umbrella For AOL, Yahoo
Brands Shuffle Content Departments, Create Anxiety For Marketers
Brand Safety Issue Affected 'Very, Very Small Numbers,' Google Claims
Marketers Want More Testing And Less Debating Over Metrics
LinkedIn Uses Member Data To Populate Mobile Lead-Gen Forms
Search May Not Be Sexy, But It's Valuable
Nearly Half Of Ad Execs Don't Know Or Care About Using 'Fake News,' Big Brands Most Prone
Yahoo Redesigns Site For Spanish-Speaking Audience
AOL + Yahoo = Oath
Notablist Releases Email Technology Detection Tool
Trump Signs Repeal Of Broadband Privacy Regulations
Searching For Leadership
What Does Google's Removal Of 'Last-Look' Auction Advantage Mean?
The IoT Security Search: Fingerprints, Eye Scans, Voice, Chips In People
Search Marketing Daily - Monday, April 3, 2017
SEO Improvements Link To AI; Strategies Still Too Complicated
Dentsu Aegis Network US Acquires Leapfrog Online, Joins iProspect
Google Claims Its YouTube Ad Problem Is Small
Roku Guarantees Audience Targeting For TV Advertisers
Google Looking At Fairer Ad Auctions
Brand Safety Issues At Google: 'Much Ado About Nothing'
Google Announces GBP36.4m UK Tax Bill
YouTube Working On Brand Safety Improvements
Meet The New Avnet: 'Sherpa' To IoT Innovators
YouTube Using AI To Weed Out Offensive Material
Why The End Is Near For The Facebook-Google Duopoly
FCC Changes Course On Broadband, Won't Force Charter To Compete
Omnichannel Experience For All
Agencies Bear Responsibility For Brand Safety
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