• UK's Largest Digital Radio Network Joins Switchover Body
    Absolute Radio is now one of many big networks that sit on the board that includes founding shareholders the BBC, Global Radio, Bauer Media, GMG Radio and Arqiva. The network will also make a contribution to the board that is reflective of its share of commercial radio.
  • Businesses Embrace Mobile Tech At Unprecedented Rate
    Frustrations around the cost, complexity, management and timescale of mobile projects are growing, too, according to the "Mobile Business Forecast 2012" released Monday by Antenna Software.
  • Vodafone Germany Foresees Android Phone Price Drop
    Speaking to Financial Times Deutschland, Friedrich Joussen, CEO of Vodafone Germany, predicts the Android smartphone OS will disrupt the mobile industry over the next 18 months.
  • Nokia Fails To Deliver On Windows Phone Promise
    Ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, analysts were expecting Nokia to perhaps showcase the new version of Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system, Windows 8, at a price that would match its Chinese competition. The Finnish phone-maker didn't help its cause by bragging that it would release some "significant industry news" at the event, this week. Instead, Nokia released new additions to its phone portfolio, which, as The Wall Street Journal reports, "failed to inspire."
  • IAB Prepares Behavioural Advertising Campaign
    Ahead of the ePrivacy Directive due out in May, the IAB is ready to launch an effort to heighten awareness of the icon that tell consumers what kind of information about them is being collected online.
  • Melbourne's 'Herald Sun' Paywall Goes Up In March
    Another of News Ltd's Australian newspaper groups is to start charging readers of its online content, reports Chris Zappone. Online and mobile phone users will be offered a mix of free and subscription-only content in what's known in the industry as a "freemium" model.
  • Spanish Paper 'Publico' Ceases Print Version
    Pblico, the left-leaning daily that tried to take on El Pas, has given up the fight and stopped printing, according to owner Mediapubli. A web-only version of the newspaper will continue to be published, with Pblico claiming more than 5 million unique users.
  • Ex-Men's Mag Execs Launch 'Industria'
    Former FHM editor Anthony Noguera and other big names in the men's magazine sector have teamed up to launch an iPad-only lifestyle magazine called Industria, which is debuting with ads from Audi, American Express and Toyota.
  • Consumers Getting Fed Up With Digital Ads
    A survey of 4,150 people in the UK and U.S. finds that two out of three feel bombarded with too many digital ads online and on their mobile devices, reports Ingrid Lunden. An equal number, 66%, reported a change in brand perception when promotions became too invasive.
  • Little Britain's Lucas Quits Twitter Over Taunts
    Chris Hastings reports that Matt Lucas, star of Little Britain, closed his Twitter account after he was taunted by a sick fan over the suicidal death of his ex-partner, Kevin McGee.
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