Horizon Adapts To Widgets, Over-The-Top Video: Develops Platform With Adap.tv

Video ad platform developer Adap.tv continues its expansion into big Madison Avenue agencies, announcing a deal this morning to provide a new platform customized for independent media services giant Horizon Media. The deal, the second announced to date with a big media agency organization, follows a deal Adap.tv struck earlier this year with Interpublic's Cadreon unit, a so-called "trading desk" that is part of its Mediabrands division.

Both the Horizon and Cadreon deals are part of Adap.tv's expansion directly into the demand-side of the burgeoning video marketplace, and are part of a division known as Adap.tv for Advertisers, which is the other side of the spectrum from where Adap.tv began as a platform for the supply-side of online video advertising vendors.

The deal with Horizon also marks a diversification strategy beyond online video and into so-called "TV widgets" applications on over-the-top TV platforms and hardware systems, as well as mobile video, and even interactive TV advertising avails. Interpublic's Cadreon also plans to diversify from trading conventional online display and video avails into digital and mobile TV inventory as well.



Toby Gabriner, president of Adap.tv, said the firm has struck deals with other undisclosed agencies, but said the deal with Horizon is unique, because it is based on highly customized systems, software and analytics that will enable the media shop to target and measure the results of various video advertising units that are based on the unique customer profiles of Horizon's brands.

"They are using us to leverage our data and bring it into their systems," he said, adding, "Horizon is looking at this is differently from other agencies. They are looking at video more than an apps and browser perspective, but also as widgets and mobile opportunities."

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