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Should There Be An Oscar Category For This?

Movies can be downright dreadful and they can bomb at box office, but some of them have been supported by absolutely brilliant viral marketing campaigns. The timing for blogger Ryan McKee's rundown of the top ones is good, since the J.J. Abrams scifi horror "Super 8" is, if nothing else, spurring a lot of buzz. Anyway, here are McKee's top seven:  7. "Snakes on a Plane"; 6. "Inception, with an online game and interviews with dream experts; 5. "Paranormal,"with Twitter-driven marketing; 4. "Cloverfield," a big disappointment but great buzz generation as everyone wanted to know what the monster looked like; 3. "The Dark Knight," which benefited from a fake website for Harvey Dent's campaign for DA and from; 2. "Toy Story 3," with its viral campaign, its fake '80's-style commercials for a faux toy, and its '70's-themed interviews with Ken. And the Oscar goes to...duh. If you don't know this you must have spent the last 20 years in the pine barrens. 



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