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Microsoft To Launch Xbox SmartGlass App

Along with Windows 8 and its Surface tablets, Microsoft plans to launch its Xbox SmartGlass app at the end of the week.

What is SmartGlass? Part of Microsoft’s grand plan to sync its entertainment and media platforms, the free app “will essentially turn tablets, phones and PCs into a second screen,” reports

“SmartGlass is a way to tie everything together, allowing you to take a video on your phone and play it on your TV or get more information about an actor on your flat screen via your tablet,” VentureBeat explains.

“One of the neater tricks is the ability to … control the new Internet Explorer browser on Xbox Live using a smartphone or tablet -- entering text, pinching to zoom, or swiping to pan as a way of controlling the browser on the big screen,” GeekWire points out.

“Xbox Video and Xbox Games are coming to Windows 8,” writes Mashable. ‘This means … users will be able to purchase and rent content from the Xbox Video store on their Windows 8 devices.”

“Xbox is no longer associated with just gaming,” writes WebProNews. “Microsoft is uniting all of its entertainment choices under the same brand.”

“Microsoft has already secured commitment from prominent app developers, as well, including ESPN, HBO Go, and NBA Game Time,” The Verge writes.  “The company says it will eventually offer support for Android and iOS devices, though for now.”

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